How often in the last time there are articles about the fact that the modern woman has lost the sacred connection to nature and their feminine side. In the news in contact, I constantly see articles from the category: "Woman how have we come to such a life!", "How to find your female power", "Wisdom of the ancient women," etc.

How I feel about these articles? At first I was very happy! Indeed, nowadays, many women try to copy men's behavior, ashamed of your sexuality and natural beauty, put themselves in ugly clothing and armour from excess weight. Many of my clients are experiencing problems in personal life due to the fact that once they had learned that the female path is the path of tears, suffering, loneliness. A male – let the glory, the strong people, the way of achievements. Nothing to rejoice, when women finally want to become women.

But over time the articles became more and my attitude towards them changed. Now numerous trainings and notes in LJ telling me that a woman must be a woman, all masculine qualities are alien to her nature. What women's responsibilities is the care and home, children and husband, as well as some crafts. "Let the achievements of science and technology men," - enthusiastically shouting me the author through the monitor screen.

more Reading all these articles, I began to think, not think we have exaggerated the scale of the tragedy? Really does a modern woman have lost their femininity? Or the problem lies elsewhere?

you Started to learn the male style of behavior, many women give preference to him. Imagine a child with a new toy. For some time he will forget about all the old, no matter how wonderful they may be. Because this toy is new, bright and interesting! It just need to learn to understand how it works inside and outside, the tooth try, in the end. There are new toys that become your favorite. With this toy baby will spend more time than with the others. Take do you have his beloved daughter's car, which endeared her more Teddy bears or pretty dolls? I picked it up. The main thing that the child likes. A machine or a doll... most Importantly, not something dangerous like a knife or outlet!

But most girls will play with a machine, and sleep will still be with the beloved doll. And machine doll will carry.

it is terrible that the woman begins to develop male behavior? I increasingly see it as not a step back from femininity, and the move towards a more Mature personality.

the Author of one of the articles about femininity writes: "Why do you want higher education! Better learn to cook borscht and embroider!". I can cook and love to embroider. But higher education I need! And when someone starts to pick on him right wailing "femininity aback," I'm mad because I have taken what I have want.

Why suddenly femininity has become associated exclusively with cooking and crafts? "Because the woman – the Keeper of the hearth", you say. Awake the right! While this is cooking, cleaning and knitting kept home? A woman feeds the flame not the amount of cooked soups, and your internal energy. This fire does not flare up from what we throw into it our social life and dreams of self-realization. Rather, extinguished.

Yes, via women's studies class we feel the feminine energy. But one woman will feel this energy when cooking and the other when meditating. Some women get the energy from the craft and others from management of large projects. Why do you need all rowing the same brush?

Another claim to modern women who have lost touch with the wise ancestors, is appearance. The floor-length skirt – feel the power of the earth, the scarf on her head – will not allow the extra energy went from the upper chakras. Heels – spirit of the West, makeup spoils the natural beauty, the clothing should not be form-fitting, and free. To the energy in the center of the belly to block.

But I feel it is feminine in tight clothes. I like myself in the mirror, I'm comfortable. I feel flirtatious and beautiful when you wear heels. I like to play with different images, when I do makeup.

If I wear a long skirt in such weather as is now in Moscow, I will dirty her hem. And then there will be no feminine forces of the earth. I'd feel like a slob. I would be uncomfortable with the fact that everyone can see the dirt on my skirt.

I'm Not sure that the path to womanhood is through certain clothes. Every woman is your style of dress, their own hair and its shape of the heel. Teach her to find these styles, shapes and colors, and do not wear it in the image and likeness of the ancient Slav.

a Woman recently got the opportunity to develop their masculine qualities, to influence the life of society and make achievements in science. It slightly confuses her, she goes too far with men's ambitions, with mixed feelings looking back. But sooner or later, the woman will find a way to integrate both masculine and feminine qualities. And then she will become a truly Mature person.

In long-term psychotherapy invariably the woman gets some masculine traits and men – female. And that's fine. Refined femininity is incapacitated, and refined masculinity. We learn to coexist with the new: with new qualities, new desires, new thoughts and actions. The task of psychologists and psychotherapists, not to cut off the path to self-development, but rather to ensure that the client could in harmony live with the tumors.

the Project in which I am involved and about which I wrote in my last article, also divides the psyche into predominantly male and predominantly female. But the philosophy of personal development with the help of our portal is that the person is androgynous, he is able to develop all the qualities, both male and female.

let us, Therefore, to look back, but don't forget to look forward. We will never be the same women who were our grandmothers. But we can become ourselves. Is this not the most valuable in our lives?

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