Myths about psychosomatics


There is a perception that a certain kind of emotions and thoughts that cause certain diseases. The authors of the books of Louise hay, Mr Zhikarentsev, Liz Burbo, and others have created charts and tables of these dependencies. In fact, a number of people, this dependence is traced. But!

Schema Zhikarentseva shown in the figure, is called "the PROBABLE causes of disease posed by certain thoughts." What this probability is not specified. It is clear that she is not one hundred percent. Louise hay also does not claim truth in last instance. Her famous table of dependencies is called the "List of ailments and their POSSIBLE causes".

At what number of matches built such a conclusion? How to trust these schemes and tables?

Modern medicine is conducting the study, not confirmed this relationship and considers it a myth. The reader is not completely confused, please clarify.

In some cases, the above table correspond to the truth. But these laws are not always and not for everyone.

every man genetically laid a certain predisposition to the disease. The so-called "weaknesses of the body." First and foremost, they suffer. So for one person the table will work for another.

And more.

For one person in different cases the same chronic emotion can be the trigger of various psychosomatic disorders. Because, for example, fear may be compounded by the insult in one case and wine in the other. And reaction will be different.

the big role is played by individual psychological characteristics of man, his personal ways to respond to stress and cope with it.

As you can see, only conducting individual research.

Such studies can be carried out independently, but this requires great awareness and long experience. If you don't have the desire and ability to spend years on this, you can contact an experienced psychologist, working with psychosomatic disorders.

Samoilenko Elena
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