Myths about sex


"In the USSR there was no sex" - this catch phrase is known to all. There was no sex, and the children were born. A little off out. Of course, this proverbial phrase about the taboo nature of public statements on the topic of sex, and not about his absence.

Sexual life is an important part of human life, its in no event it is impossible to devalue.

how can you know what is sexual life that it is normal and what is not, if it is forbidden to speak? How do you know that with me, all right? What I feel or don't feel – as it should be? My partner treats me okay? Several generations have grown up who had too little information about this part of life, too many questions unanswered and formed stereotypes about their sex life, which are often quite far from reality.

so, the most common myths about sex and the issues of today are set people who want higher quality, full life and who want to know:

What is more important in a sexual relationship: affection, intimacy or aggression?

Tenderness, closeness and aggressiveness are the three main components of sexual relations. There are no dominant component, not something to pull, these components are interrelated. The ability to give and receive affection in the form of words, gestures or simple attention is a basic quality. Under the intimacy I'm talking about that ability, about which he writes in V. Pasini: "open to close means to accept the other in its own territory, without feeling caught or trapped, and to take in the man, without losing its own existence." This ability implies an inner confidence and autonomy. Many people do not know the connection between sexuality and aggressiveness, just to forget about it, and sometimes, on the contrary, hyperbolizing. Healthy aggressiveness necessary as man and women to Express their desire, their needs, and to meet the other person. Our tenderness and ability to survive is fully disclosed only when we begin to respect their aggressiveness.

If I don't orgasm? The myth of frigidity.

Issues associated with orgasm, often cause people great anxiety, doubt and fear. Women who dare to speak about their sexuality, this issue occurs one of the first: "I'm not sure I had an orgasm... What is it? Tell me, how is this going?"

Anorgasmia – the modern name for the lack of orgasm in women. There are several types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, myotonic. If a woman is able to experience one of these ways to meet – it already says that it is not anorgasmia.

In most cases, the cause of anorgasmia is the ignorance of the woman of his body, inability to pleasure myself, ignorance (lack of knowledge) of their erogenous zones.

additionally, myth is the belief that orgasm should occur during each sexual contact. The desire to achieve perfection leads to tensions, to develop into anxiety and even stupor. For women, the norm is getting orgasm in 50% of sexual acts. And 100% elastichnost – even if orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation after intercourse.

How often should I have sex? The myth of the periodicity.

the Frequency of sexual activity depends on the sexual Constitution partner, simply from the human need for sex. Sexual Constitution is strong, medium and weak. Responsible our genes – that is, this parameter is innate. Each level has its own frequency. Strong sexual Constitution, when it is daily sex is not tiring, and very happy. Average - average: 2-3 times a week. Weak - once a week or less often. After all, the age also affects the frequency.

Why is it important to understand what my sexual Constitution? Because it is important to be in tune with your body, your needs. The man with the weak sexual Constitution to make sex several times a week – it is violence against the body, ignoring their needs, and are fraught with development of various diseases. Also for the strong sexual Constitution – the lack of sexual life can lead to diseases of the reproductive system.

there are No common standards of sexuality, there are individual standards of each person and it's important to find and be in harmony with each other.

On the personal consultation You will be able to determine their own sexual Constitution, to talk and explore your sexuality, learn about the norms of sexuality in different ages, to discuss issues of sexual relations with Your partner.

Klinova Taisiya
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