Myths about the work of the sand of the therapist.


To me clients come with very different requests.Sometimes I understand that the query is based on myths about the work of the psychologist.

so the first myth."The psychologist is psychic.He looks at the sand box and tell me what awaits me. "No,a psychologist is not a psychic.On the field, the client builds a picture that shows where the client,their dreams,plans,what emotions he wants his future and what he can do.The client has free will and choice after awareness, he makes himself.And,by the way,the responsibility for his choice, he also carries himself.

the second Myth." The psychologist will give me advice and I can handle the problem."In fact, the psychologist can provide information,psychological information is part of the advice,but the advice the psychologist gives.The task of the psychologist is to help to understand customer need and to find himself the means to satisfy it.

the third Myth."Psychologist enough to confess and I will feel better".Often clients bring their "terrible secrets",very colorful and long describe their life stories,spending hour after hour in the counselor's office.No,a psychologist is not a priest.Perhaps at the stage of formation of trust this moment is important,but little work from the client at this point does not occur.

the fourth Myth.Recently I had a client,her first phrase was:" all right, I'm here to surrender."Apparently,she thought that the psychologist is a critic.He estimates,looking for errors in the client's behavior,corrects,teaches on "the right path". No,a psychologist is not a critic.It does not include moralizing,evaluation,criticism and forcibly changing beliefs, attitudes of the client.

Who is this psychologist?What are its objectives?

For me, a psychologist is a professional who has knowledge of the human psyche,able to build working relationships a psychologist - client, and has counselling skills.Sand therapist is proficient in art therapy.It helps the client to know themselves better and to solve the current problems of the client related to his way of interacting with themselves,with their emotions, with the surrounding world and people.The psychologist allows you to experience a trusting relationship based on acceptance and respect,and to incorporate it into your life.

Olga Nelyubina
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