recently I have been in the client role of a coach. Not that I needed it at that time and not that I was looking for a coach. A friend offered coaching sessions, she needed practice and I agreed, because I never tried to imagine a direction such as coaching. And was just wondering.

At that time my mind had some idea about coaching, but what I encountered in practice in the presentation of the coach themselves and their situations was at odds with my view.

what I thought before, rejected my being, and something that I had aroused interest. And I thought about the myths, which are many around us, and in us it happens.

we Often live in common or their own myths, cliches, assertions that sacred trust that is not subject to doubt. But life gives us surprises and then the myth is collapsing like a house of cards before our eyes, and we are, we don't know how we get on . Life, according to the myths, clear, and a life without myth, requires from us a certain responsibility for their choices and how often we are not ready for choice.

it happened with my idea about coaching. I stood at the "poluraspredelenia buildings," and next was "the field with fresh sprouts" - it's unclear what it shoots, what kind of plants and whether this land to build a new home. Here's how we're wired - to the destruction we immediately want to build something else, some other theory. So easy, so stable, so we feel the support, and always want to rely on something solid.

And the natural course of life offers its own version of the unfolding events. It seems to say, - take a look around, look how beautiful the new shoots, look, as much as a new life. But because you don't know what kind of life, I don't know what to do with it.

And unless you need to immediately start to do something? Maybe just to live, just to see what is new, unknown.

a Myth is a statement accepted in society, but, actually, maybe it is not so.

there are so many myths and we rush with them as with chairs and uncomfortable for us to carry these burdens, but not discharged.

Why did we not reset? And everyone carry on myself, as uncomfortable with this sticking out in all directions design to communicate with another person. But no, as they say, its burden is not heavy. Further drag.

I had a Chance to visit a psychiatric hospital; we students therapists brought in the "field". How many myths associated with the subject of psychiatry – "the healthy person is not put in a psychiatric hospital", "healthy people past the walls of the psychiatric hospital don't go", "only from the psychiatric hospital to the morgue", "asylum is the same prison", etc. but, being one day in a mental hospital and talked to the people in these walls, the boundaries of my perception became more and more transparent. It's not scary, not unsettling, not hard or hopeless as it seems at first glance. And one thought did not leave me as need psychotherapeutic support person healthy, not to be in this hospital. As you must be helped and taught to care about their soul, or psyche. How important prevention is and how important the culture of self-care.

And how often we begin to take care of themselves when tied up, clamped, and pierced. But it was possible before to do something. Remember the saying – "While the thunder will not clap, the peasant will not cross."

so, the subject of myths intertwined with the theme of self-care:)

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