Myths of popular psychology. "The universe is abundant"


Surely You had to hear such a statement as "the universe is abundant" calling just to believe it - and then "the universe will give whatever you wish."

Well, if you believe that and result is not yet in sight, then you believe not completely, not fully, not truly. Indeed, since the universe is abundant, and this, who says there is no doubt, and you believe in it, and even better, I know, but this abundance you have not, do not blame the universe, right? And you yourself. She gives it to you, and you don't take. So you have to learn to see this abundance and to be able to take it.

the Wrote this and thought, but could it do so?

Because to prove the opposite, probably even impossible. Just those who have failed with millions and yachts, or do not know that the universe is abundant, or do not see this abundance. And it turns out that those who have plants and ships, saw this abundance, therefore they are rich.

I Think it's a very dubious assertion, as Rockefeller and the Rothschilds certainly have never claimed such. Or, for example, Ford, which reached its wealth everyday hard work and almost completely lost it during the great depression. Although, perhaps, it was a great cunning, did not want to share with people his secrets. After all, if absolutely everyone would have learned this secret, everything would become rich, and there would be poor and only the rich ones.

But the truth is, those who do well, could earn. And they, unlike the above personalities, not to hide the truth from ordinary people and generously shared this secret in exchange for his abundance. For these people, I think, the universe is indeed abundant, abundant, willing them to give their money to believe that the universe is abundant.

So what's the deal here, why this statement, in my opinion, contrary to common sense, has such extensive habitat in the minds of people?

Psychologists have long drawn attention to the fact that man is a rational creature, as it was considered before. More streamlining. He was taking irrational decisions under emotional influence, then searches for a rational explanation for their actions and decisions.

And this rationalization, oddly enough, has a number of positive qualities. This rationalization gives strength and energy to the individual to achieve the goals that he would otherwise have never reached. I'll explain what it is.

variety of experiments, psychologists have concluded that people for the most part optimists. They asked students: "what do you think, do you treat those people who drive a car better than the average level?". By the way, can you answer this question for yourself.

So, if you answered "Yes", then you belong to the 90% of people who answered the same way. The conclusion is clear I think: At least 40% of people exaggerate their abilities. Okay, it's young students, you might say. But a similar question was asked of teachers in the University. He sounded so: "whether you Consider yourself to 10% of the best teachers?". More than half said Yes.

we could laugh at this stupidity, but it is these qualities that give the person strength to achieve its goals. We understand that not all goals will be achieved. But when we move to one of them, we must believe that we will reach it. Otherwise we wouldn't have the energy for this movement.

That's why think that the universe is abundant, useful to our unconscious, which gives us the energy to achieve goals. But if our unconscious will know what goals we reach, we never move to it, as we won't have the energy for it.

Here I would like to give advice.
Let our rational mind realizes the absurdity of expression that the universe is abundant, and our subconscious believes it. Then we will have the energy to achieve our goals, and we do not make fatal mistakes, sincerely relying on the rich -- ness.

Evgeny Mironenko
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