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to be Honest, at first I didn't understand what and why shout so loud, people proclaiming "mindfulness". There are motivating texts, there are entire projects with steps, carrying on the banner of this strange term. I don't even know how to explain the absurdity of this in my picture of the world. The translation process from the unconscious into the conscious can not be a hymn. This job is that the hours of loneliness, is, in General, a matter of taste and it is quite tactful part of life. It's like sex: everyone has their own tastes, their fears, their secret desires, but everything good ends with an orgasm, and that's the part of life about which do not shout and did not rally. At least the people that in this area there is no acute pain. Or like music: someone singing in the kitchen, someone listening to Opera, some rock. No breaks or sometimes. And of course your life depends on what music you listen to, and Vice versa, as is now, your life influences the music you choose, but the music makes the meaning of life, it accompanies life.
the People promoting awareness, usually quite tolerant of other people's imperfections, they want to change, and most importantly – know how. Learn the symptoms of the sect which came to be the Messiah? Who does not know what the effect of social proof, briefly retell the story. If the person is in something not sure, he tries to convince the other to believe it yourself. Scientists have observed several sects, awaiting the end of the world and their Savior, who should come to deliver them from death only to the elect. When the sect was formed and the first end of the world date assigned, it's a small group of 40 people, which is anyone not attracted to, just finish your Affairs in order, and waits. But the date comes, the end of the world inevitable happens, he naturally transferred because of some error, and then growth begins. People, do not wait for their Savior, are beginning to attract a cult others. The more people in the sect, the more these first 40 they believe that the Savior is still there and it's not cheating. It is during these periods of the sect begin to reach thousands of people.
What happens to the fans of awareness? I assume that these people are only just beginning to understand myself a little deeper into your beliefs about yourself perfect. They had an orgasm the first insight (the power of emotion it sometimes is really close, especially in the first experiment), met with the first strokes themselves are not perfect and then went to a defensive reaction. Protective reactions described grandfather Freud. Displacement, migration, rationalization and so on. As they say, you can Google. Instead of moving in acquaintance with you to the next, fans of awareness walking around with banners telling everyone how great it works, and trying to find defuse in others what we fear to see in ourselves.
There are a few things about understanding yourself, your motives and causes of behavior, which I'm sure.
1. The better you understand yourself, the more you understand others.
2. The better you understand yourself, the more you can control yourself and your life (and therefore other).
3. Understanding itself cannot be an end in itself, although over time it becomes a habit. People who go to therapy to understand yourself, just shake your narcissism. It's not forbidden, it worse nobody becomes, especially to a psychologist , but since we're in the territory of consciousness ...
4. Understanding yourself is a problem – solving tool, which you meet in life. This can help professionals, mostly psychologists. The main quality of such specialist, if you need it is his understanding and ACCEPTANCE of himself. The better he understands and accepts himself, the more he will mirror you and help you to understand and accept their shadow side. The more radical it is, the less it can help you. Especially useful for those who know what to do and how to change your life. I advise you not to wait until the end of the session, to take things and run. Even in the middle of a sentence.
5. Let me remind you, to understand and accept some of its shadow sides is not a goal but a necessity, quite painful. I do not say nothing all of us will never understand. The more your parts of the person in the shadows, the easier they rule what happens in your life. The meaning of that. Endless ecstasy in this process. Relief is. Often very significant. Therefore, this procedure is done when there is a stuck problem it is not solved, despite the fact that you are trying.
6. In paragraphs 3 to 5 described the process of counselling.
7. Psychotherapy is a process of identity change. It is needed when a problem may be that you are not satisfied. Often people think that the structure of personality can be changed by force of will: force to behave differently. It usually ends in disappointment or hymn of awareness. Psychotherapy looks like a game, a conversation, the elements of creativity. It's a long process. At least six months, but rather years. Yes, in the process of psychotherapy acquaintance of a person with a strong progress. Not all and not always aware of some processes that change the personality remain outside of human consciousness. He feels different, although did not fully understand why. I would say more, even a therapist is not always aware of everything that happens in the course of therapy, although the master, of course, will always be able to rationalize any result . In the process, the therapist is in contact with different parts of personality (we're terrific multi-layered), helps the client to live moments that were not lived, to finish them, and it actually changes the human condition.
8. Counseling and therapy with a good professional for my taste is one of the best gifts that can make a adult people. My therapy lasted about 6 years is not a lot for a person who had never suffered from depression or other emotional conditions requiring professional support. During this time, I provoked two reorganization of the company where he worked, nearly divorced, but decided against it, quit, opened his own business, bought my first horse and 3 horses, built a riding club. But each course has a different effect ;).
Returning to awareness. Come on. Drop it and just try to be happy today

Nataliya Kurbatova
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