If you have the way ahead, to think about the prospects of the upcoming meeting with a new man, leading to marriage or disappointment, you will soon turn into a neurotic. Because your tension will definitely affect the process of communication and will encourage the man to the desire to quickly escape from you.

on the one hand, to not rush things reasonable. What do you think is fraught with internal mounting women, the style of communication and actions which, very clearly Express something like:

"John, you're awesome. I - so simply elegant. You suit me! Not worth wasting time on, there are different candy-bouquets-movies and stuff? Let's just have sex, no more to part and immediately moving in together!"

Hardly, more or less sane man who is looking for a future wife and mother of his children, not partner sex, will react to such a dictum unequivocal approval.

Consider such an option. You meet with a new candidate, then scan it and without equivocation declare:

"you Know, Bob, maybe you're a good man, and a lot of uniting we have. Nevertheless, I won't blow you, because it is not so imagined my husband!"

needless to say that such a statement, you show not only his being indiscreet and a tendency to not deliberate conclusions, but I'm sorry, the presence of the near crazy.

Because, really, you said that:

" John, sorry, but you're not the man of my dreams. I don't think it possible to go to the cinema, to drink a Cup of tea, Cycling with someone who is not my Prince. Well, what if I'm over 35 and your biological clock sounding the alarm, and the Prince is not. Bob, for you it is a great luck to learn from that I'm just a fool. You shouldn't translate your time on this retard"

Avoidance of meetings with Bob can hide and even this:

"once in my life rode the Prince on a white horse, though it was so fleeting and not serious from his side. But it was! So I waiting to meet someone, certainly very like him."

Conclusion? Make the wise decision to enjoy romantic encounters without imposing on them the fateful aspirations. Of course, provided that the second party is interested in your person and makes the appropriate steps.

the Relationship forward and begin to understand they lead to something more serious or not. If they are developing rapidly, each meeting definitely shows their focus.

And we must remember that of himself man is not earlier than 2-3 months more or less close contact. The initial elation slowly declining, if people wanted to show their best qualities, so to speak advertising the trial version, it is farther away, the more he relaxes, goes with Chicks in heels and then begin to appear "skeletons from the closet".

And here is how they are unexpected and "terrible" to you.

Building relationships is similar to launching a kite. If it is done carefully and slowly, it is likely to make it flying high under the clouds. But if you try to throw it directly up, it will certainly lead to his downfall.

So it makes sense to start simply get pleasure from intercourse with the other sex, from Dating a person at this stage of life sent you a destiny.

Kirsanova Irina
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