Неблагодарный ребенок

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Pete gave a new toy. Peter played with it for half an hour and left.

– That ungrateful! – mad dad.
– Nothing interesting – sad mom.
And a grandmother, "Spoiled child, and that he doesn't value what you do."

Why the child doesn't appreciate gifts? What is the reason?

1. He has too many of them. If the room is littered with toys, and you buy another and another, then why be happy?

2. You buy the child toys to pay him off. And he knows it. He need a mum and dad. Not 38-I'm a machine.

3. You gave the child is not what he wants, and what you like.

an Example from our family: when deme was 3 years old, we invited a lot of guests and almost all of men (age 30 to 40) gave him the car with the remote control. Picked up 5 pieces. A deme actually small! He doesn't understand anything in those cars he's not interested. And here I heard the following sentence: "Oh, Yes, I would at your age for that car gave! And you..."

Hey, adults! I want a machine with a remote control/helicopter/railroad, buy it YOURSELF! You fulfill HIS childhood dream. You can imagine how YOU were happy, and expect that the child should give the same emotions. And it should not.

What to do?

1. Teach your child to want to wait. If he gets just what he wants, the toy is worthless. They become valuable if a child dreams about them, waiting, figuring a way to play with them.

2. Gifts do not replace time and attention. "Here's your train, play, and mom is tired". Things is a poor substitute for love. First, the child will understand that it bothers you. Secondly, it is the germs of future manipulation. "Mommy can't read a story – then buy a toy"!

3. Don't get fooled by the childish manipulation. Example: go from the garden, Dema says:

– Mom, I really don't buy toys!
– I dont want to buy toys.
– And other kids are buying!
– so be it. I buy you toys when I have the opportunity I do.

the Second part is very important. She seems tough but really is education. You can always explain to the children the truth. How? You can always explain to the children the truth. "I don't want to buy you toys every day. I want you to choose only what you really need. I want you could wait."

My son is 4 years understands this, and he's not some special child, and the most usual.

Well not to look there is the perfect super-mom, I will tell myself this. Sometimes I work several days in a row, without a break and the kids barely see me. And then I will buy them a new toy to calm down your conscience. But I'm working on it.

sincerely, Sofya Pimenova

Pimenova Sophia
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