Necklace or noose?

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We are so carefully and meticulously strung on the thread of everyday life, the negative and everything that is connected with it... and then wrapped it so tightly that or turn into a cocoon of pain, resentment, doubts, fears, recriminations, misunderstandings and tears, or tactile, begin to feel that it is no longer a thread, and fishing line, almotawa us to cramps and blood flow.

But it could be just as hard, just more carefully, strung bright and joyful moments of each day. Collect them to increase and Shine from the inside from the intense happiness of prosaicness existence. Allow yourself to Shine like the sun, like a star, like a garland! Shine and give this light to others. Filling everyone and everything around him with warmth and faith in the fact that they happened. They will be able! They'd do it.

But... alas... the subjunctive mood in the Russian language there.

It wasn't advice. Just talk. The conversation on the bus.

it Began with the fact that the middle-aged woman, despite the presence of empty seats in the bus in more than the required amount, settled next to me. Settled, tightly pinning me to the window. Carefully seeing me, said, "you Well, psychologists. Easy living". "We know?", surprised I asked her. "No. The town is small with us. The new man immediately notice. People watching You. It's good to be a psychologist. Therefore always confident and happy go", - she sighed. Treacherous smile appeared on my face. I thought, well, at least not laughed, and he could have)

Frankly, in the mood to talk was not, but the man waited.

- You know, I don't quite understand Your idea. What does the confidence, joy and my profession?I asked.

Well, of course. There You go what always happy. Immediately evident is calm, all is You, right as it should be.

- And as it should be and what it means, right?

- You know better...

- why did You think that I or anyone there, know better?

- So... But what... what do you do then if you don't know how it should be?

- What should it be?

- Well, life. Relationships how to establish. Children how to grow. You have won danecki – sight for sore eyes.

Here I could not resist, and embarrassed Hobotov: "Thank you" directly asked: "advice You need? I'm on the go and out of the blue no consult". She thought. Then said, "Yeah, no, I do not need advice. What is there to advise, when all around everything... Just thought, good for you, psychologists..."

- And So good-what happened? I asked.

- it wasn't him.

Yeah, well?! Straight and was not? – I questioned.

- it Was, once, but they went all out.

- All could not come out. Troch for himself was concealed.

the Woman began to look at me in surprise. Shifted on his seat.

- you Think so?

- Sure!

- A psychologist-it's good to be? Helps?

- I do Not know anyone. I just really love.

in Fact, that we had to stop, as was my stop. From the bus I came out shining like a polished copper penny. First, it was a joy that is give people a good impression. Secondly, it was funny that the view that all psychologists are lucky and don't have life difficulties (as, indeed, both very common, radically opposing the view that only know how other councils to stuff, if the order brought), seem firmly lodged in the mind of others. In the third, bursting pride from the fact that I am working on a that all and everything in my life, all were not in vain. Psychology, my love and life certainly played some role in my formation and the formation of positive thinking, but it was not significant.

Those familiar with my articles will probably without difficulty understand now what I mean. Neither great psychologist, none of the wisest Council can't help us become happy. This condition comes from the inside. It is an internal feeling. It is acquired by working on yourself, your thinking, the inclusion of will power, in full awareness of what is happening with you, sole responsibility for himself, defining values, priorities, etc. a Lot of things strung on the thread of life, a lot of that has to be there, complementing and enriching each other. This relationship, breach of which, the thread breaks and all that is achieved is scattered and chaotic falls at our feet. Something time to raise, to preserve, to save, something completely lost, but it should be. And it just so happens that again and again we must make the efforts, diligence, and again you got to put these components to achieve the result you want to achieve. Without constant fill/pack/replenishment of these components the result can neither achieve nor secure.

Each of us, as usual, chooses what will be the ribbon, thread, path, road, book, etc. his life. Than he can fill them up. How he will fill them. With whom he would share them. But the point was and remains that we are always the authors of our own happiness. Or unhappiness... We see and notice, summarize, accumulate, multiply, which ultimately makes us slaves, victims or masters of their own lives. Always a choice we make ourselves, whether we like it or not.

it is assumed that the time and life is something that represents something tangible. I was more impressed with the view of himself and everything that happens to us from Buddhism)

Imagine that you are a dot in the infinite space. Have you and the emptiness around you. There is nothing else. Listen to yourself. Listen to the void. How do you feel? Why? What sounds do you hear? Where are they? How well you hear and feel themselves? And now start to fill that void... Who and what you really need here and now in this very moment that you feel happy on the inside, this emptiness was illuminated by your inner light, filled with the warmth?

the Necklace of your life... At this point in your path on how much and in what colors you filled it? Or is it still empty thin trembling thread? You don't find the strength or desire, you just don't know where you start? What's the first thing you need to string on it? To me, the most vivid and first, the main component of this necklace is love... Love is layered, shimmering, warm, supporting, filling, empowering... loving ourselves, every moment, everything that we do allow ourselves and neglect to love.

However... it can stay as it is now. Keep accumulating evil, disappointment, envy, powerlessness and everything that any necklace will soon turn into a noose that will increasingly catch your breath, and from which alone you can't get rid of. She closely stared at you... You almost one.

Who would not like saying that bad more out of life, don't believe them and don't listen to them. Those who chose the Foundation of his life is bad, too, smile, are interested in something, strive for something. And is it bad? They just want to think that all is not as it should be. But it should be different, and each is his own) Do what you should have! Live your bliss and your joy! Be afraid to get used to good! Appreciate it, grow! Don't take for granted all the wonderful that happens to you, do not ignore it, do not make a habit!

Mahenova Svetlana
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