Needn't argue with God. The psychology of a person. The laws of the universe.


needn't argue with God. The psychology of a person. The laws of the universe.

Most people don't know what God is. If it is very simplistic, I understand that it is the totality of physical laws, primarily the law of conservation of energy and law of attraction, expressed in the love manifested in time.

How to understand the law of conservation of energy, it's just when one place had lost, then another arrived it's certainly not just about brute energy, like moved brick, but also a fine idea, issued by a person in space, a certain desire, which is strange mystical way is implemented. The power of the senses more tightly, and it is based on the magic. If fill thought, feelings, it will quickly reach the addressee.

Sometimes the energy conservation law is called the law of karma, living man who does things, something desires: love, revenge, money, fame, etc. In space it attracts events. Most of the power in action, in them the Trinity is thought, emotions and actions, so over bad deeds is vengeance, and for good reward. For this reason, there have always been people involved in charity work. But good have to do with the soul, consciously, then nothing to regret. As the saying goes, do good and let him on the river. To return immediately, but in a larger view and then when its least expected.

in General, how to be in harmony with the universe have been described in the commandments. We all know about sin – thou shalt not kill. It would seem simple. But in the Vedic religion it is a commandment added to without the need. Thoughtlessly these words cannot be taken. For example, how not to kill a person who wants to take the life of your child or loved ones on the battlefield defending their Homeland. And go on the hunt for fun animals to shoot, that's God olenitsa severe, illnesses, failures, etc.

Everyone has heard the commandment, if hit on the left cheek, right. But few know that this commandment in Vedism there's much more - but do not let yourself to hit. In this form the commandment requires thoughtful approach to life situations, understanding the other, care and patience.

Many refer to envy as just negative emotions, but it is not so. It destroys the person and hurt the people who it is directed. Saw an example of how one woman bought a mink coat, and her girlfriend, who felt a sense of envy, was taken to hospital with a mild heart attack.

of Course it is necessary to distinguish between arrogance and pride. Pride is respect for yourself and others. And pride to your own elevation over others, which ultimately leads to abandonment.

About the other commandments, think for yourself, of course it is difficult to live considering each step, but only so develops divine consciousness in man.

Your O. S.

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