You can genuinely fall in love and it's beautiful. You can have the courage to open your heart to this beautiful feeling.

But at the same time no guarantee you that with the same dedication your partner would also be willing to give you his love.

I would Say more, no guarantee that this person will respond to you the same affection that I have for you.

This man can even use your feelings to him or say that you too much and you just "strangling" him with your love.

the Man whom you will love with all my heart might not know what to do with your feelings and not treat them properly he can even trample them.

the Man you'll love can inspire you guilt for how much you invest in the relationship. May convince you that you want too much and you just don't deserve all the efforts that he really just wants for you to attach.

At this point you can start to doubt yourself and think, and whether you are worthy of true love..?

You can start thinking that you really a lot and your such a strong feeling useless and just create for you some problems and only bring you pain.

But I will tell you will you two stop it to think so! Stop feelingsovats itself to blame for what is really genuinely love somebody. Stop thinking as if you are very Intrusive and create some problems "this love." It is not so.

After all, when you meet the right and that YOUR man, then you will understand what I mean. You will see how this man will be able not only to accept the fullness of your feelings, and most importantly - he wants to answer them back.

correct you will not be ashamed of their feelings and think as if you are too obsessive and you are just too much. Because you will see and feel the impact and from your partner too.

You never to restrain the violence of her feelings, so as not to "frighten" him whom you so sincerely loved. won't every time before you call or text him time to think "But isn't it? Not Intrusive I am now?" No, these thoughts will no longer appear in your head. After all, everything will be natural and mutually, without all the "natrataste" and "game in one gate".

of Course, this does not mean that you have with your loved one will never cause any problems and misunderstandings, but one I skasay sure - if you really love and appreciate each other if you are willing to put in the effort and accept each other in your worst times , then you will be able to cope with everything and stay together, keeping your feelings are as strong as they were. Just believe it ... You will definitely meet such a person, because how else ..?

Be happy and loved!

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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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