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I Want to thank my colleague for his article “a Parasite and bitch perfect couple”.
Reading, I have gotten inspired. I decided to write recommendations men, which aims to preserve the feelings and harmonious relations between spouses. br>1. Devoting himself to the care of women, we become children.

It's super when the wife catches the slightest nuances of the needs of her husband. And it's the swamp, which will be buried passion and strong emotions that exist between a man and a woman. Who divined our wishes? Yes, it was my mother. The first person was very good. But with mom sexual intercourse – incest and trauma. Therefore, if you have a similar experience to the woman as a mother, it is possible in a short time you will cease to experience the animals feelings that were experienced previously to his woman (wife). the
Conclusion: do not let the woman anticipate your desires.

2. Not insisting on your – we reduce its brutality.
There is a saying: “it is Better to give than to explain why you do not want’. Sometimes it really is desirable to accept a woman and give her “wheel”. But if it happens continually, then the woman will gladly devour this man. Inside of course, it will be convenient, but maybe in time this man will find that the rite of castration has long been produced. the
Conclusion: always leave yourself the ability to do what you want, even if that solution is not entirely true, as long as it is yours.

3. In sex care about woman and not about yourself.
this is fine, but not always. Ideal – it is a balancing act between these two opposites. The woman is also nice to give you pleasure, so take it (fun) and enjoy it. And when you drink this glass «pour” your woman and let her enjoy. the
Conclusion: sexual intercourse is one of the few human activities where it is desirable to do what you want. Allow yourself to be in a state of passion and emotional detachment.

4. Start “jump” around the woman.
Sometimes men behave like a naughty cat, demonstrating complete obedience, wagging his tail and allowing him to do what he wants mistress. In this setup, the woman very quickly believes that it should behave a man is especially close. the
Conclusion: if you are guilty, then make a conclusion, ask for forgiveness, and in the future do otherwise, that is enough for a harmonious relationship.

5. Stop to admire the woman, and begin to admire the mother or mistress.
Always remember when you met, you liked the woman, not the mistress or her concern for you – you about it yet knew nothing. Pay more emphasis on the fact that highlights exactly what attracts the attention of men. What is it mom let the kids say. the
Conclusion: first wife…. and then a great mother.

6. Fully satisfied (money, sex).
Another ambush for decent family men. Man always wants to order everywhere. And will be happy to create comfort, to give care and of course good sex. Such a great attitude towards his wife can contribute to the absorption of invisible men a woman, which in the end will not allow the woman to constantly be ready for seduction and providing support to the man. the
Conclusion: don't anticipate the desires of his woman, give her the opportunity to look at you with desire and hope, let her ask you about something. Then you will always be in the eyes of the wife of a successful, strong and prestigious man.

7. Not mad and not agressiruesh at his wife.
Aggression – the manifestation of life. If absolutely no aggression and anger on the spouse, then no feelings. For man's anger — one of the basic experiences. From childhood we are told one taboo – you can't be mad at mom. When the husband does not allow himself to be angry, but if angry, then tears himself with guilt, he unconsciously begins to experience feelings for his wife are the same as for the mother, stimulating his wife's behavior mom. the
Conclusion: allow yourself to be angry. This does not mean that you should allow yourself to uncontrolled outbursts of aggression, talking about how to allow yourself to feel anger at the level of emotions, inside.
I Hope you smiled reading this material and thinking about their relationship. Yes arrive with you strength Libido and Thanatos!

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