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We continue to talk about model NLP, called "a Well-Formulated". the Abbreviation is pronounced "khsr". Dmytro Yushchenko, coach NLP and Psychotherapist of the European registry, and Sergei Lepekhin, NLP Practitioner and coach are talking about it. Today talking about the first paragraph: "the Positive formulation". Start.

dy: Well, see Well-defined let me just say there is positive specification purpose.
XL: Come on simple words. The aspiration has to be to something. br>dy: To something good. To achieve.
XL: To achieve the goal. br>dy: But let's tell the truth very often, in order to start moving toward the goal shouldn't be scared. br>XL: That is from the carrot in front of a carrot in the back. br>dy: Here. If one carrot a little rear need two, three to this in NLP practice, there is technique "AndNTI-stroke". And when you work. And even when you're not doing anything here that you do not change. A very good question with clients is always work to think about what will happen to you in 10 years. br>XL: This is the fact technica accelerated line time, but only in a negative context is obtained. br>dy: "Anti-sway" we call it if there's still a picture to show it works well with various kinds of dependencies. From the pie house to the food. br>XL: Yes, Yes, any. br>dy: To love that's where you'd be one to fail will be the same to use in there pies, alcohol is not important. Look vividly imagine how it would be, you know. I know one person, coach NLP, which, you know, started... dropped 25 pounds in six months. Absolutely slender became. He went. He went outside and was looking for someone who is thicker. br>XL: So. br>dy: It was in St. Petersburg — he says...
XL: not found, apparently. br>dy: It for two hours is not found. But the second hour... He found, but it was something incredible and he submitted that it is now on, it will dial. How will he climb stairs. What he will pressure sentiment.
XL: What of women? br>dy: Oh-Oh-Oh I don't know what happened he thought, but he abruptly absolutely went to the doctor the way it happened during the holidays, it was in December, he was frightened, and from 1 January he began to walk for an hour morning and evening to do food right. Now he did not know. br>XL: So. br>dy: So let's say if a person is scared it is here that comes to the aid of a very positive technique is well formulated or formed as you like the result. br>XL: But there are people who are afraid is not necessary, and they are just doing this technique in order to strive for a good future. So, the first paragraph of this technique khsr, so-called, this desire must be for something, striving for something good, kind and eternal, for example. Correct wording: "I want to have a mass of 63 kg to have parameters any there to centimeters". Is that a correct statement. br>dy: Listen we've mentioned so healing, as we as the audience went Natasha well-known fitness coach in Vologda. br>XL: Cool. br>dy: Let's celebrate. Natasha, good day. br>XL: Hello. So the desire must be for something and should be some specifics. For example: I want to live in Tokyo.
dy: the universe responds
XL: Yes, the universe responds immediately. I want to live in Tokyo, let's assume such-and-such street, such-and-such district, and if the specification to the concrete houses and apartments, so very lovely. And again, what mistakes people often don't know how to say. What mistakes people make when this is now the first language, sometimes people say. br>dy: Examples are given, so. br>XL: So I want an example that is wrong: I don't want to be fat I don't want to live here I don't want to work there is that the examples that I often hear in their environment. br>dy: I don't want to fight. With him I don't want to swear my wife says about her husband. I want a mother in law didn't call. I wish he did not bring to boil. br>XL: I don't want to smoke.
dy: don't want to smoke. There's a catch, which is called cognitive dissonance. Because, if a person formulates: "I want him I don't put out" here in a negative formulation with the particle "not" what he's having filters of attention? br>XL: Negative. And Hey, why don't I have the example here will confirm about the particle "not" and all the rest. I learned about this story in his student years. He told his classmates, laughed at me, and I think: "let me check". And we are walking. The kid decided, there are sidewalks put metal things that the machine did not pass, and here it is so dispersed and wants to jump. I tell him, "don't fall". As he nicely filled. br>dy: Look, I'll tell you a story. I will complete the thought. I want him I don't ... I don't want to argue with him. If a person wants to swear the focus of attention — and if there are any irregularities in his behavior. If there are any violations of the criterion. Whether it's time not to swear?
XL: Well worded. Whether it's time not to swear? br>dy: Yes. But a man walking with a hammer, he sees nails everywhere. br>XL: Yes. br>dy: He always sees nails so the violations they just begin to emerge. And another thing is I want the feeling... let the mother-in-law is not ringing. And she keeps calling and calling. And yet I want to feel the world of good positive love
XL: I want to be healthy. br>dy: I want to test at his approach, the warmth in his chest and joy. Want to be healthy and vigorous spring in the body throughout the search there is already evidence that this is happening.
XL: And search for how to do it. br>dy: Here. That's unconscious. About the, as you said, "don't fall". It was very long ago. The Navy still served after the Institute year, in my opinion, and he's after the St. Petersburg Institute turned out to be a marine means. And they had to measure the depth. And as we have in the Navy measured the depth? Took the device any heavier more expensive tied a rope and measured, respectively. Well, the sailor was called and told: "this device is expensive heavy grab the rope, go measure the depth. Don't drown!" He says: "got it." "What's to understand? Don't drown!" He said, "There, don't drown!" "Go, wait! Circle. Not drown! Understand?" "Exactly!" In a minute returned, saying, "I beg to report drowned!" br>XL: Ha! It's hard. This topic is very relevant when skate: "don't fall!" or go in the slippery ice, glide boots "do Not slip!" — "Hand, don't you!" br>dy: I had one very good friend, her name is Yana, very nice, now for the fitness specialist. And here she was on the TV "channel 7" transfer "the Song as a gift". She said: "It's incredible! I'll go crazy! Congratulations" — she was there to read, these are what people write- "Dear grandma no pain..."
dy: " not sneeze, do not cough, do not worry. And I think, as they are to grandma, good attitude". br>XL: Look is very important even when the toasts are starting. br>dy: "They're good, wish the grandmother. What good relatives. I would not want to be that woman." br>XL: Go on to the next item.

so, friends, we discussed the first paragraph of the model "Well-Formulated Result," positive wording. Apply, train. The continuation, as always, will be even more interesting and rich in examples.

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