I ceased to understand something. And love is to understand. To think, to analyze, to observe, to draw conclusions and understand. And understanding - to calm down. Lately, my mind has turned everything on its head. All my theories crumble like a house of cards. No sustainability. There is no understanding of the world. There are no laws.

so. For me it was always important to the interaction. Is filled, after which it remains a lot of thought, and, because of their certainty. Nothing could be more important to me in my life, which mostly occurs in the head. I don't need to change the setting, go to crowded events, but rather just poking around in myself, in people, in situations. And, if there is a same picking - glory to the world, I'm fine. Because my rule is the same: If there's no one to tell about the wonderful things happening to you, it ceases to be beautiful. From this I conclude - that a good communication for me. Communication is something that I can rely on and what will be written on my tombstone. But today we will go to the side.

the fact that I was already quite a long time is a question which to some extent is associated with the borders, and some with failures. From all sides I hear - we have to learn to say NO. It is necessary to defend its borders. But if you always defend your boundaries, life becomes a kind of siege, in which that threat may occur outside the boundaries. Because the word there is always a point. But after a point there is no development. I know that if you turn to me, I have to help. And if we can help it at all well. If you just do that to defend their borders - the world ceases to be flexible. It lost reciprocity and the incorporation of the other. Today I said no, tomorrow wouldn't have it. And every man for himself. I agree, it is the position of an adult, but why, then, close that can accept at any time, for which the grandmothers who say no grandchildren, why is it so inconvenient subordinates who do not want to make concessions supervisor to finish a project after work. And children, which the mother denies affection. Just like that, she also has the right to say no.

I think it is ubiquitous THERE, is imaginary, temporary power which you can lose, but who you have shown great strength, did not want to say Yes. Too many were NOT, to defend the borders.

Many are advocating now to listen to your rhythm, slow down, or speed up and not listen to others. To live differently, to consider yourself. But in my opinion it is not a polished start to what can quickly lead to terrible end to the education of callousness, lack of compassion, understanding. Is it okay for everyone to sit in his kennel? After all, THERE is always deterrence, for it is not want to go. Especially repeatedly.

I conducted an experiment. Yet over themselves. I have a couple of days of listening to yourself, trying something out there to hear. Knocked out all. Did not react. My "no" was on the case and without a case. Was I happy before? Calm? Peaceful?

no. I was left to myself. And that's all. People during these couple of days began to be very cautious with me. And I didn't like. I do not know. I think it's only a stage. Not the best for society. And no one will ever supersede the value of empathy, compassion, desire to help another, to support, to lend a helping hand, to say Yes, sometimes another, to the detriment of No. And it will be more valuable.

Kulbitsky Catherine
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