No, no, I do not need money!


Seven years ago, when I started practicing as a coach, I launched my first project, which quickly began to sign up people from around the world. I was stunned such a success. Payment for participation in the project I asked you to list me on the map. Indicating the card number in personal messages, I was wrong about the numbers over and over again. My hands trembled, jumped heart out of your chest.

Do my work cost you money?..

"the myth of the garbage."

“Normal job is to stand at the plant or at the machine there in the office to work as an accountant.”

Working with clients, I've seen lots of versions of "garbage". You have no idea what people may consider "garbage": a medical practice, psychological counselling, design, stylist, business master Feng Shui, accompanied by sports coach, trips to the lactation consultant.

In the old Soviet film "Window to Paris" heroes of the USSR during the nineties fall magically in an apartment in Paris. The landlady – a refined Parisian earns a living by the fact that it perpetuates deceased Pets, it makes them stuffed for memory for the hosts. Complete garbage in the view of the Soviet man, but amazingly – she paid for it! Appreciate and love it, she is a specialist in his field.

If you do your work pay, you valued clients, let them at least a hundred times would be garbage.

"Help should always be free."

"I help people solve their problems, I'm a good person, and I'm really not difficult..."

Under "help" may come the creation of the design project of the premises, the services of a stylist, any business, leaving the young mother to help her rascality chest... Yes, anything, any service is "helping the needy" in this help. "And the assistance should be selfless." But not the one you earn on bread.

one of the specializations in psychology our teacher asked to raise hands of psychologists. Then she said – "those who advises and receives money for it", the forest of hands remain skinny one. If you received a degree or are you interested in psychology – it doesn't make you a psychologist. Psychologist – is a profession. And professional activity involves a payment.

"It's probably expensive..."

In my experience expensive may be any number. And two hundred rubles can be expensive, and twenty thousand itself is quite acceptable. It is important to set the price that you are willing to work.

"Money hand wiring..."

I know of many cases when people lost money, almost deliberately threw them on something unconsciously merged – paid and did not go were involved in some kind of unimaginable repairs, lost belongings, Bank cards, gave half of the earnings of the old ladies at metro – in General doing everything in a hurry from the hated money to get rid of.

When it is possible to find out – why is it that, come the options: "I have a feeling that I stole the money", "I have deceived people", "I have insufficient specialist in order for their work to take money", "I am not a professional..."

"What money? Excuse me, mother..."

"a normal person must have money is always that he need not ever have to." But to ask for money for their services he did not have. And God forbid, name a price.

"a Good specialist and so repay" This belief comes from the practice of bribes and money in the pocket of the doctors implied that the money is not "payment" and "gratitude."

From the same Opera price can not be called a shame. But most experts without mentioning the price, hoping that their work will pay a large sum than that which they would call. Practice shows that more often it happens the opposite. Or for more money, waiting for you to give not going to.

"you Cannot be greedy, the degenerate, huckster, need to do a lot and ask little. God (the universe) sees and will reward."

I'm 11 years he was the head of a charitable organization that helps abandoned children and families in crisis. Good deeds for three generations. But the money I had when I made it, as a speech therapist, defectologist, author of a television program, coach, psychotherapist.

Nobody pays you for what you are a good person. You get paid for your work and quality work.

Fear of envy.

As a rule, it is difficult for us to experience the presence of another, it is very necessary for us. In this case, the world seems unfair, but this man is just scum, the injustices of this world. It is not clear what the universe and God give him all the benefits of peace, and not me. Why? What's wrong with me?! Hurt, lonely, ashamed... Still fragile and it is lucky ( which is money) looms before my eyes... would he go to hell with your happiness... not to rid my pain.

If this is valuable to your relationship, it is important to talk. And say – what are you worth to come to what you have now. What is behind all the "suddenly and immediately" as a rule are investments, and everything has a price.

If it's not a close relationship, just not kichites that you have.

With close friends well the effect of infection – some friends are definitely inspired by your progress and you will become for them the first sign, a beacon, proof that everything is possible, the main thing is to want to go.

Fear of the demands and expectations from family and friends. The shame and guilt.

Mom can take more than I give her now; failure to include brother can be perceived in bayonets; friends the impression that once I earn, I can (and should) borrow any amount, indefinitely; a neighbor, in charity, reproachfully looking at me, if I'm not ready right now to sacrifice a piece of your pie family for a good cause.

"Good boys and girls have to share." "Share now!"

"you Have, share with your brother!"

"Mum has done so much for you and you can't buy her a dress?"

"Children should have parents. If you've got the money, take up the maintenance of parents as a whole."

the Society impose you a tax on success.

But in the case of moral tax only you can decide who and how much to give you.


the longer I work, the more you find totally awesome reasons why people with opportunities do not have the money.

I agree that there are occasions when opportunities are scarce when you need to chance to the money was. But more often we stand in front of the stone wall of their convictions, tormented by fear, shame and guilt.

Dubova Irina
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