What I call theatre in this context? It's the people who allow themselves to hysteria no matter what.


Fall into these people hysterical when there are spectators. Audience – Bern – it's a Rescue. Accordingly, people (usually two), creating theatre, the Sacrifice and Stalker.

I would like to cite the example of several age categories:

  1. Let it be the children in crisis three years of age;
  2. Teenagers;
  3. couples ifuseebritney;
  4. Families with young children;
  5. People of retirement age living separately from their children.


1. The children in crisis 3 years. This is usually age 2.5 to 3.5 years.

Kids tantrum trying to get what you want. (most Often — the theatre of one actor).

What to do? Of course, it would be good just to get out of the room, but the child in this case may feel abandoned. The real answer to the whim of confident calm "no" (not to be confused with indifference), add "because", then get the child for themselves and leave the room. The child is still some time posterity, but after a while will go over to mom's might want to hug her. Do not resist. Accept your baby as he is. He will realize that he love that he needed, and once you start to hear a reasonable word "no."

2. Teenagers are children from 11(12) 15(16) years of age where the hormones started the storm. Children no longer children but not yet adults.

Teens try hysteria show their maturity, or hysteria to achieve any new privileges.

Very often teenagers plotting tantrums, especially those that do not understand the crisis period of three years. In this case, the parent need to make contact, saying that he (the parent) feels when he sees and hears the data tantrums. Then — to make contact with the teenager, but before you bring out the teenager in the position of the Adult (in fact, what the teenager wants). This means that you can sit down with a teenager at a round table and to write the contract of the parent and the adolescent, clarifying the points that will satisfy both parties. Also it is necessary to warn the teenager that in the future all his tantrums will be ignored and will only accept constructive suggestions.

3. Couples living with parents.

Very often young (husband and wife) who do not have time to separate from their parents, make a fuss that someone had "saved", putting on the offender and the victim, therefore, inviting to game third party. Dear parents! Never interfere in the Affairs of children, even if they live with You in the same housing! No viewers – no theatre!

Dear guests! Before you complain about your spouse (wife), remember, You then forgive and forget the situation, and Your parent ever!

4. Families with young kids.

there is also a question of immaturity of the parents, if they allow you to throw tantrums in the presence of a little child.Again, the system that works: the Victim Is the Stalker, and the child is a Lifeguard that really affects have not yet established the psyche of the baby.

Here can be a very solid quiet adult position of one of the spouses, who invites baby to play, saying that mom (or dad) is a little not in the mood or a little upset (-I) for some reason. But soon he (she) will go and again will be all in their places. At this time, the main thing to remember that life on this hysteria has not ended.

5. People of pre-retirement or retirement age, living separately from their children.

In this case, tantrums or even fights can be a lot of pressure on kids as a manipulation to attract their attention. In this case adult the child can become a Lifeguard, if you join this Game.

it is important for Children to decide they want to play or not: if Yes, then you can come and start to "save" (this can happen in every one), if not, you can just tell your parents: "I love You, and I your games I'm not playing".

Thus, a theatre without spectators simply will cease to exist, and people will begin to do business, not a game.

All the best, and try to distinguish how theater becomes theater, and whether You want to become a spectator and not very enjoyable "Comedy"?

Catherine Zavarukhina

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