No need to rough Granny

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Fear is what stops many not to be happy.

When a person first comes to the clinic, he just pretends he doesn't know what to do. Cries. Cries. Sorry for yourself. But this is just a phase. It needs to go. It's like a child-without it will not come to maturity. The child does not slip.

And that person goes through all these stages to get stronger, and to finally Express their desire. For example-after 5 meetings, he timidly begins to say what he wants to change jobs. Although the arguments remain too. But there, deep down, he knows that the time has come. And it's time to take the risk. And when this desire is strong, he so confidently takes and leaves. And then, just then finds a suitable job. Was it necessary to wait so much? Yeah! That's how much! Yet inside, everything will get stronger.

They came for consultation together. Like, not going well, it's not working. Let's try to establish our contact. Offer new different variants of cooperation, compromise! But it is not even that. The fact that they both know that it is time to leave. But yet to be afraid of. I want to get used to this decision. That is to say to be sure. After all, doubt is always there.

She is sitting and finds herself to blame that her daughter avoids her. The woman was going to marry again, but is afraid to lose the relationship with her daughter. Deep down, she knows that no matter how she tried, the daughter of the long departed mother and live their lives. But a woman needs to hear your voice and to be accepted first me and then herself. And so it happens. And on the third meeting she reports that wedding soon.

what am I doing? Yes to the fact that we all know! Always. We know and the client knows! Knows what he wants. Just as long as afraid. Yet giving yourself a break. A respite before an important decision. Decision made a long time ago. And it remains only to speak it out loud.

And no need to rough Granny, pretending you don't understand what you want. Maybe you just fear what you want. But I want exactly this!!!!

Kulbitsky Catherine
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