Elena could not marry, all girlfriends long married, and she couldn't help it. The relationship was, but before marriage is not reached. As soon as the relationship becomes more serious, Lena began to show excessive activity and concern about the partner. She would constantly spend time together, to surround his chosen with care and she always thought would have her do to please, but pretty soon the man was cold and left. A similar scenario was repeated several times. Elena struggled trying to please and adapt to man, and for some reason he didn't appreciate, and after some time broke off the relationship.
To me, Lena came into complete despair when she was already well over 30. She looked young for her age, very beautiful, well-groomed, smart. About such talk: "where the men look?" But they just somehow looked at Elena, but she repelled them by his behavior. We worked a lot with her beliefs and fears that prevented to build a good, harmonious relationship, learn to take care of yourself. The result of our work, Lena has learned to appreciate himself, which immediately was reflected in her new relationship.

Often my clients complain: "I gave him the best years gave, cared about him, and he..." may be followed by various options, "he, the ungrateful, this is not appreciated", "he, the rascal, went to another". In the latter case, the woman sometimes even blame themselves believe, they say, doesn't care enough.
we are Talking about cases where a girl or woman shows excessive concern for the man, forgetting about themselves, about their needs and desires. She tries very hard to please man, to adapt to it, usually without getting anything in return and sincerely believes that the entire responsibility for the relationship lies only on her. She believes that if a little will try to change something in yourself, then everything will go well. But time passes and nothing changes.
Typically, such a behavior pattern is repeated in other ways. Usually it happens unconsciously. Well, it is true, why would suddenly take care of a healthy adult man (the disabled and the crippled do not count), able to care not only about themselves but about others? Moreover, he did not ask to do this? What lies beneath this concern? It is important to understand why you are so important to take care man to its detriment, what are you doing this? What you want to get in return? And get?

If you find it difficult to find answers to these questions, come to the consultation, we shall understand together.

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