No relations with men, why ...?

there are so many beautiful and wonderful women, who often quite a implemented in different areas, but the relationship with men ... to put it mildly, are not satisfied. Relationship at the moment or not at all, or they are very distressed and on the verge of breaking. Why is this happening? After all, we all live and we all want happiness, men and women.

the Reasons for failed relationships are numerous, but we will now consider one of the most common is trust, or rather its absence.

by Analyzing client requests, and the responses of women in the survey, I noted that this component is key in building a relationship as a couple (as in other and in any relationship, isn't it?).

Woman is in a state of hope to meet the one who goes with whom to talk, collaborate, and romance, and sex, and most importantly – understanding.

And often no one does not expect because I do not believe that it is possible to find a person like.

And if you look a little deeper, you can see that even when she is in a relationship she is already in advance this program to the distrust. She's waiting for a trick from partner. This may be the expectation of his infidelity or that it will simply fall out of love. Or, in her opinion, she is only interested in some of his Mercantile interests... or be irresponsible in a relationship and not ready for serious. In General, in its picture of the world is already incorporated some flaw in him, such that he does not initially trust.

Where did this program, not allowing the woman to be completely happy in a relationship? It is quite clear from past experience, were burned (and possibly time), scared that everything will happen -- And if she looked closely to all your ex, you probably would have found much in common in them... a certain type. It turns out there was no point to go through – the first one was not worse than the previous? – Mostly Yes. Unless of course the woman herself has not grown personal and not increased its level of awareness.

But the negative experience is not the root cause of repeated failed script distrust women in relationships. Here we are talking about distrust of the world in General, projected on the male gender (as a manifestation of significant male figures that cannot be trusted). Not satisfied a basic need - security. It is the feeling of insecurity triggers this mechanism: do not trust in the world – not the credibility of men – do not trust your partner.

Only after the need for security, feeling internal support himself, the woman may feel relaxed and confident in the relationship. Its not agitated by doubt man, suspicion and mistrust, and as a consequence significantly increase the chances to build a happy strong relationship.

So how do you regain it is the security status? – The fastest way is of course psychotherapy. Now, I'd like to be as useful as possible to you. And as one of the options, to help you feel calm and safe, I offer you a technique of "Safe place", in audio format:

the Basis of this technique, I took out the passed me of course Mark Pevsner, a little creative reworking it and improving. This is really a running exercise that will help you to form in the inner space a safe place in which you can mentally return to when necessary.

This exercise is quite acceptable to do yourself. Professionals, it can help at the initial stage of working with the client, as a base, before the client to experience strong emotions related to his childhood trauma.

I Wish you a sincere and trust-based relations.

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gulova Anna
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