"No force to live!" Or how to restore your vitality? Such a request often come to us customers. And, really, as long as a person has the power to solve the pressing tasks and challenges to achieve the goal, overcoming difficulties, to the psychologist it does not apply.

only when he feels the power at the end, when completed surveys from doctors, tried all the vitamins, healthy balanced diet, adequate sleep, gym, energy elixirs, read all the books and articles on this topic on the Internet, and forces less and less, the most advanced decide to still go on reception to the psychologist or the psychotherapist. And they are right! Why?

let's start with the concept of "manpower" what it is and where it comes from? Look at one of Psychological dictionaries: "Power is the ability to overcome external resistance or to oppose it. As part of the overall forces are distinguished: physical strength (ability of the muscle tension to overcome external resistance or to oppose it) and mental strength (the ability of a person emotional, mental efforts to overcome external resistance or to oppose it).

Internal power originally inherent in every living being in the beginning of the origin of life. Just imagine how much energy you need to tender young sprout, from hatched grain, sprouting, struck in its path a layer of Packed earth or even asphalt? Or a human embryo after the fusion of two parent cells, which are not even visible to the naked eye, became rapidly divided into many cells, forming a 9 months new!

And throughout the life of a person supports and retains its energy balance with food, breathing, sleep, physical activity, etc. But why a young healthy sometimes the body cannot recover by natural means taking energy? Why it feels that the power leave it?

most Often the reason that experienced stress. Why does stress have such an impact on energy balance human? Because during stress the blood are stress hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, etc.). They cause a muscle spasm. This mechanism saved us from our ancestors. Ancient people, seeing the fire, or beast, was very scared, highlighting the marked hormones. Muscle spasm caused by stress hormones, helping to mobilize for flight or fight, during which these hormones were utilized, and the muscles relax.

Modern man is stress quite different reasons, but their mechanism remains the same. In addition, we will not run, anyone not physically fighting, and our muscles do not relax fully in a natural way, like our ancestors, remain small areas of increased stress, which we call clips.

These clamps block the free circulation of energy in the body, are pinching the blood vessels that supply nutrition to the organs that from supply shortages start to hurt. So there are psychosomatic diseases, or diseases of "nerves" as they say.

But even if psychosomatic illness yet, one feels the lack of life energy, which is usually expressed in apathy, reduced background mood, lack of interest those things that previously brought pleasure, constant sleepiness, or, conversely, insomnia, eating disorders, increasing the number of cigarettes smoked or alcohol drunk, and other symptoms.

So what to do? - You will ask. yourself and restore energy balance in the body? Is there a way out? Of course. It is usually there where the entrance is. Need to find a source of stress which has caused muscle clamps and work through it. And also themselves to remove the clamps, restoring, thus, the free circulation of energy in the body. How to do it? The answer to this question is known by an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist who You will see at the reception. We do this through our GROWTH-therapy, the main component of which are bodily techniques.

do Not tighten the solution to this problem, do not drive yourself to depression, to cope with which will be much harder.

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