Often I read posts about what "no time for sport" is just an excuse for the weak in spirit. But if you have willpower and motivation, you will find time for sport and PP.

you Know, sometimes "no time for sport" simply means "no time for sports". And all.

Surely everyone in school was the teacher, a little bit geek in love with his subject. A teacher who sets a ton of homework, leaving class for extra lessons and spoils certificates to the student threes in history. Surely you remember how outraged: well, doesn't she realize that in addition to the history we have and other items? She has nothing else to do, except our papers to check?

Many coaches and adherents of a healthy lifestyle in dedication to his subject is very similar to the teacher: when they give you "homework" in the form of eating plan or exercise schedule, they seem to "forget" that you have, in addition to sports, there are still many other items.

Just about everything else is more important (for you, not for a coach for him, sport is a job, unlike you). Work for a person with a healthy psyche is always more important than the gym. Family is always more important than the gym. Personal relationships, children, friendship is always more important than the gym.

And too many people in our country are quite difficult and really too tired to spend six to ten hours a week to get to the gym, work out and then recover.

Yes, I would like everyone to be rich, with plenty of time for sport and with relief muscles. But let's look reality in the eye: it does not.

it is not Surprising that stay in the sport for a long time very few people. In my experience, it's either young girls, not burdened with family and children, or women after the age of 35-40, when the children have grown, or men (they are traditionally less household work and child care), or - oops! - fitness trainers. People who make sports my job. And this is understandable, because never before in human history, the entertainment was not the lot of most people. It was the prerogative of the rich: those who have the time and resources to classes that are not related to immediate survival.

the Rest of the people were moving quite a lot every day, and there were even thoughts that it is necessary still as-that specially to move.

we are Now moving a little, apparently-hence the fashion for additional sports. The problem is that this fashion has gradually become a REQUIREMENT: they say that every self-respecting man should do sports three times a week for half an hour. Set it up fitness trainers with "motivators". And any claim gives rise to a sense of guilt: it would be necessary, and I don't... Personally, my guilt that I don't do sports, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. And guilt, as we know, only alienates us from the gym and stopping our movement. What to do?

1. Remember: nobody is obliged to go to the gym. You can if you want and you have the opportunity. But not required. You can be healthy enough to progress without a gym.

2. Think about whether you want to actually play sports? Maybe you dreamed of dancing, or swimming, or dancing ballet, or do acrobatics on a pole, or yoga, or play volleyball, or ride a bike? If you really want it, that's the only reason to do time management. Appreciate the things you do, the ability to delegate them to someone and to give myself two nights a week under a favorite activity. Under really important and a favorite activity. If you have the opportunity.

3. If you want, but it seems that is not possible, ask yourself again honestly. If you are not too zealous in the role of a busy wife and mother. For some women, seeks to put the interests of all around above sobstvennyh. Not about you is it? If so, come to us with Polina Gerasimova group of intuitive nutrition in September - we just learn to devote time and space for yourself.

4. If you don't want, or really can not - do not worry. And sit down and calculate how much you're moving during the week? As you go, work around the house, walk the dog or children. A week.

5. Recommendation the who - the average intensity of movement of 150 minutes a week. If you carry out it OK, just waiting for better times, when (if) you sports want and able.

6. If not satisfied - come to increase movement in daily life. And to do it extremely slow: 10% every two weeks. This means that if you walk 3000 steps a day (on average), then the next two weeks, you need to walk around 3,300 steps a day. Doable? Completely!

how to take these three steps? Waiting to review your options!

Well, write what you think on this subject.

take care!

Evgeny Dashkov
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