No wealth? He is guilty!


I Read here (on b17) an article that, if a person is poor, that is his choice: conscious or unconscious, as it is based on certain beliefs.

What I about it can tell?

With a conscious choice everything is clear. This choice of sound mind and memory, drawing on their values.

With the unconscious choice much more difficult. I think to say that in this case, choose poverty and do not want to become rich, not exactly. Or rather, a very wide. Rather, MAN CHOOSES SOMETHING ELSE THAT HIS mind OR THINK IS MORE IMPORTANT, SACRIFICING WEALTH.

Psyche – is protected. Looking for options to cope from what is available and how can, used to use it.

what can defend the psyche? And that can protect the psyche?

  • Protection of their stability. A person does not feel in himself the resources (confidence, skills, relationships, communication skills, knowledge, health, etc.) that lead to good earnings, wealth. Afraid of failing and losing the things that matter. And at that time it can be an objective picture. Locked ability is also difficult to prove.
  • People can be wary of envy and bad behavior from other people while in the status. I'm afraid that a large amount of money will lead to a deterioration of relationships in the family that will begin to attract not the people who come to be friends with him because of greed.
  • Fear that the path to wealth or hold it will have to step on the throat of his own conscience. Especially this fear is inherent in conscientious people.
  • this person may be in kind exist bad story associated with wealth (e.g., the dispossessed ancestors, bad business of parents, murder of a relative because of his wealth, the fatal illness of a relative, which was discovered after he got rich) and (or) exist beliefs formed in the family, type: "get Rich - ill", "Wealth destroys the family," "Wealth is a danger," and others.

  • a Very important reason still lies in the fact that people often just want to become rich. Without any stages. Perhaps some stage they will need to focus on it. But, no, just me all or nothing. It is necessary to see what the plot is. So there may be different options: justify their doing nothing to block various fears, lack of understanding where to go.

Thus, when we find restrictions, in no event it is impossible sharply to remove! Otherwise, the person may not get rich, but to give yourself new challenges. They need to work and resolve the difficulty that stands in the heart of the problem. You need to see how neurotic defence is that the person is not enough to feel confident. We are working on new legs to old limiting support gradually lost its relevance and significance. And, perhaps, man would they have adopted or partially adopted, but deliberately, quietly, as the best option for themselves and began to live quietly, happily, as Peter Munk's fairy tale "the Cold heart".

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