I will start with the recognition that sometimes I don't have enough words to describe the feelings arising in the situations told my customers that are close to Dante's hell, which is perceived as madness, surrealism and nightmare.

Mental concussion converts any expression of life in a kind of dying. Intense pain throws a person into a state in which no words to Express it. Anyone who has experienced severe pain knows that it has to end inexpressible in words, that such exorbitant pain is possible only mournful groans, plaintive sobs, mumbling hallucinary, "fragments" of language.

that prohibitive pain is indescribable, and inevitably leads to the fact that people subjected to severe tests and after many years I can not find words that adequately expressed what I had experienced.

speech disorder (of any origin) leads to a divide between people, social exclusion, which is beset by loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness and anxiety.

It gives us the opportunity to come into contact with other people, with other internal worlds to share with others their feelings, so losing the opportunity of self-expression leads to the breakdown of relationships and alienation.

a Normal scale of crises and suffering motivates people to development, and this process is well known. But the exorbitant pain and suffering, on the contrary, lead to stagnation, regression and loss of language. Therefore, an attempt to restore his world orally and in writing is a very important path to self-discovery.

My client (call her Nina) as a religious child, prayed continually about the health and well-being of his mother, who suffers from alcoholism. After the terrible tragedy that occurred with his mother, Nina arose reactive psychosis. After Nina lost the ability to speak to God through prayer. Nina stayed for many years in a daze, quiet, silence, solitude, a state of constant anxiety. Nina suffered greatly, lost his only salvation – a conversation with God. Coming into therapy, the only clearly designated a request from Nina was: "I want again to learn to talk to God, I want to return the ability to pray".

I asked Nina to lead a "Diary of feelings", the first months of this activity gave Nina great difficulties with all the ease (given the psychological complexity of Nina) my proposed algorithm it is completed. Once Nina appeared unusually joyful for myself, the reason for this was excited for her event. Having begun to fill in the diary Nina again felt confusion and irritation at myself. Putting the diary aside, she thought about how worried her lack of prayer. The hand reached for the diary, and Nina wrote a prayer for the gift of prayer. According to Nina, she felt once lost the ability to pray. For several days she practiced prayer by letters.

Later, I asked Nina a question: "If you put the prayers in a secular language, it is talking about Nina asking?". I asked you to cook for me the presentation of your favorite prayers, Nina. Over time language features Nina matured, become more sophisticated, expressive and full of feelings.

In psychotherapy such people we need more time and sensually more subtle form of communication. We are forced to find or create another language, the language is able to penetrate to the depths, to those parts which remained alive and waiting for someone to speak with them. In these cases, the healing or "recovery" means the ability to again find a voice, to feel the loss of power of speech, to again become able to verbalize the internal and external world.

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