as anxious, not today, frankly, the concept. Now is not it became fashionable for women to proud of their strength, pride, nobility. It is the age of consumption, when the surface came out the other qualities: the success, the bitchiness, the ability to apply themselves, to fend for themselves.

And how the basic feminine "virtues" is a literary word? May be it seems to me (but still not appear as it really is) - will not share the positive expectations of the ideal woman. Still men I want to see in your girlfriend tenderness, spontaneity, kindness and warmth.

Recently, considered the Internet got accidentally old pictures of vospitannik  Institute for noble maidens. What clean faces! How crazy, nobility, high culture embodied in them. And clothes in all standard simple form, consisting of a dress and apron. And hair style is very modest,  more long girlish braids.

But the Institute has instilled in the girls are not materialistic knowledge. In addition to teaching the General Sciences course, in girls raised vitality, generosity, the ability to survive in any circumstances.

frankly, we also need such immutable qualities, tired clip thinking, tired bright and vulgar images of women of Instagram. And I want the eye to rest in the lovely natural persons. Pulls to admire the exaggerated "femininity": inflated lips, Breasts, other parts of the body.

Psychologically difficult for a girl to keep up with the flow of the artificially created demand for bright, and somewhat vulgar female characters. Many closer in soul simple style, books, good education, clean friendship, sincere love. 

and we balancerurl between the modern stereotypes of female appearance and mentality, and the eternal values. As they say in the famous film: why men I love some women, but married all the same on others? That's a mystery!" the Riddle, probably, from the same Opera, and that the eternal mystery of the image of the "noble maidens". Girls who embody the archetype of something perfect, but this beautiful and beloved.

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