Nobody messes with my baby!


Your child hurt at school, the garden, on a walk? Hurt, specially kicked, or bitten, knocked down a Bicycle, did not let the swing? You mad, mad is not a joke? Megadome and want justice? Retribution? And you do not stop and are not satisfied that the offender apologized and sincerely repents?

maybe you are the parent of a bully? And now confused, also angry and don't understand how to behave and what to do?

Like your child excused, but this is from something is not enough.. Congratulations to you in the triangle of Karpman.

the Triangle of Karpman is a scenario in which you lose the role of the participants. The psychological scenario of a game, inherited. The triangle has three roles:

squad(all helps, saves, knows better what you need, saves the Victim);

the Stalker(wants retribution, for justice, pursues the Victim);

and the victim(often complains, yells that she was saved, encourages the rescuer does not see his resources to protect yourself from a Stalker).

Roles are often migrating, one person can one conflict to go through all three roles. The woman, whose child was hurt at the same time it appears in three roles in reactive acting out.

1. Nobody messes with my baby!-lifeguard;

2. Your idiot did it on purpose! - the Stalker;

3. My poor baby he's scratched knee! The way he screamed! - the victim.

Often the triangle is playing out of habit, not consciously. And a marker of the triangle of Karpman unreasonably high charge level of the participants. Not just an apology, the pains of the child (it just hurts!), look WHAT he did to my baby! And so on.

You may notice that these situations, where the passions are not commensurate with what is happening in reality, often happen in your life.

No matter who you refuse, it is important  awareness of your responsibility in what is happening.

As you are invested in the conflict? What do you do to maintain "fire"?

After all, what unites all the roles - the lack of informed acceptance of personal responsibility for what is happening. And so, to get out of the triangle it is important to understand how you "pulled", "created" the situation, in General, to take co -

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