I Remember, how in 90 – e years, when everyone felt the smell of freedom and did not realize that freedom goes hand with responsibility, otherwise it turns into permissiveness, was a program where journalists (and, perhaps, and not only they) discussed that no one owes nothing and children, including also: nobody and nothing should. The topic was children's education. After the brutal Soviet pedagogy, where "should" was paramount, such a bias in the opposite direction is not surprising.
Said it said about what a child should do what he wants, and suddenly one woman gently said, "excuse me, if there is no obligation, and what to do with our daily Affairs that we particularly love is not nourished, but should be doing?"
And the conversation immediately went in the other direction: that, in addition to "the list", there is also a duty. And, Yes, I don't like to brush their teeth, sew on buttons, but I know to do it and you know for what purpose.
for me, the phrase: "no One should" sounds crazy.
it Turns out that for parents to minor children, there is no obligation, the wife has no obligations to the husband, the husband to his wife.
And the fifth commandment: "Honour thy father and thy mother, that you
good to see you have lived long on the earth"

I'll argue that, when there is love, then commitment is not needed, everything is done with joy.
I Agree that, when you do something with love it is cool and is the best option. Especially in relation to people. In friendship, in love relationships, in relations with parents, duty without love a burden.
But, first yet often the debt is better than the lack of debt, and not love together. Better in some cases to do out of duty than not to do.
for Example, fell out of love with husband wife and let her. As he wants and raise children. And I don't owe anyone anything: you want - give money, time, children, you want – do not give.
But maybe not over at all, and in problems life time, cooling has occurred, but: love does not feel the debt is not have liabilities only to my young free life, I ran away in search of new love.

second, love does not equal commitment. You can love a child not be accustomed to do some important duties as a parent.
And Yes, along with love, we have in front of other people commitments to parents, children, at work we have a job description, not our "wishlist" we are signing. Yes, if you sign a contract, there is, in addition to the duties, have rights, but within the framework of the specifics.
third, hardly any responsibilities to do because of a great love.
we do not always happy, from cleaning, walking to work, even, sometimes, for a walk to have a purpose to force yourself to go.
Another issue is that you need to look: and if we your debt trying to get? Not have we lost the balance between our needs and obligations? Not live only by sense of duty and often is not his? Don't live whether it is someone else's life?
And then we can definitely be a very, very large debtor to one person: MYSELF.

Although, and when only their "desires", also robbing yourself. The extremes were always harmful to humans.

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