the methods of competitive struggle in the market a great variety. Most boil down to two: overtaking competitors working elbows or patapi competitor, including using black PR. Overtaking and flood.

People using these methods of competitive struggle live by the principle of the chicken coop: "Life is like a chicken coop. Everyone tries to climb higher, Peck in the middle And shit at the bottom...".

Competition in the Publications section of the website B17 escalated

There are new players who write a lot and well. In the section "." has become very crowded, to get his article in TON15 and in the newsletter beginning the author seems to be an impossible goal.

And competition flourishes on the website lush color, the secret is becoming more obvious.

Colleagues do not hesitate to write under the articles critical remarks, make personal attacks, and even openly fighting. In short, very much like life in the chicken Coop.

is There a way out? How to compete differently, which methods have in addition to the competition? How to win without engaging in an open confrontation?

the Game of "Carcassonne" as a model of competitive methods

the Author is a big fan of Board games. One of my favorite game, similar to its name the ancient knight's castle of Carcassonne in France.


the Game is on the glasses, players build different objects at the same time. Castles, Roads, Monasteries, Peasant land. And the game depends on luck, and a skillful combination of tactical and strategic methods of competition, and non-trivial. Just like on the website B17.

to win you need to be able not only to use the card of the playing field as efficiently as possible (to Write good articles, a lot of writing, often published), but to cooperate with other players!

let's Say you play three. You can check out from your competitors, build multiple short objects (and write a lot of articles).

you Can build a castle and to deprive other players of the peasant land (to gain a lot of subscribers and to write 1 article per month).

And may use non-trivial method of competition - cooperation - to build facilities, teaming up with other players in pairs (mutual shares, exchange of likes and supportive comments).

With one player you work together to build the castle, and the other way - they are both your rivals in the game, but collaborating with each, you win the game.

And the next game wins your competition, and you rejoice, because you can see what strategies and tactics he used to come to this victory.

CONCLUSION: non-trivial Use of such method of competition as cooperation, and may the force be with you!

------------------ Win playfully, following me! --------------------

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