Not a panacea for change.

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Not a panacea for change. br>
There are people who prefer preventive measures. I'm not talking about disturbing the inspectors trying to conduct the universe. This is not about them. And the individuals who choose to prevent unwanted, by taking preventive measures. As a rule, the question of prevention arises in those areas where negative experiences have been. br>
let's Say it's treason. What to do to avoid it? How to prevent? br>
Panacea, of course not. But I think that people wanted to stay in some sort of relationship, something very, very valuable should be there for him. br>
what I mean? For example, it is believed that the man, it is sufficient to provide regular satisfaction of some basic needs, and that is enough. But, look, these borscht, homemade and high-tech sex - they are not something that the other partner get easily. Them, be honest, and to buy - simple. the
And valuable relations, we get something rare, elusive, unique. Actually, this defines their value. br>
And here I'm talking about proximity, as a phenomenon, which almost all have heard, but few knew.
close To many risks, but at the same time, a lot of depth and sincerity. Intimacy in a relationship involves the ability to trust, share and feel safe.
of Course, intimacy that includes respect for the boundaries of the personality, is the most important aspect of a healthy relationship. The proximity of the different quality of presence and fullness of contact, expressed in the attention to feelings and experience as his, and partner.
in short, the closeness can be described as the opportunity to live and relive the feelings, and its opposite is emotional hunger.

Returning to the theme of change, I want to say is that intimacy is not a special way of communication by which the partner may hold, but the unique breeding ground from which you do not want to leave. br>
Psychologist Maria Mukhina

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