Not putting off life for tomorrow...



my Friends, that's honestly who I am sure that tomorrow will definitely Wake up?...

I don't write yourself installation that "tomorrow" will not come and my lifeless body will find my relatives. I write about something else: how can I think about tomorrow, not having today.

My dad built the house. A huge house, with all prikrasni and facilities. 7 years he lived only to them, had invested all their savings, their labor, working every day (and how without it, because construction is a large investment, and therefore worked without days off). Rest for later, then the sea, the guests can wait. Here we can put the house and the guests.

And in this scenario a live. We are sure that life will be better when married. Go to rest, when there is a lot of money. It becomes easier when children goes to kindergarten, and all new life begins when the children are older.

No, dear, no, I will not become easier and the new life will not start. Life here and now, right in these seconds of inhalation and exhalation. No "tomorrow" without "today", because "today" yesterday's "tomorrow".

I was awakened by a phone call: "Radmila, you just be in the morning on the highway crashed". I got a shock. Like so, so many plans, so many dreams, and the house..? He's only just completed it. It seems that's it a happy time, but life has its own script.

Food today from the client and some sadness in the soul. Not realizing we ourselves, believing that with the advent of kids, husband, our life will change. But lately, in this life, and that happiness, for chasing, and no. How so?

because, my dear, that we live with illusions. But happiness is in fact in ourselves. Remember the Alchemist Paulo Coelho, which has bypassed many countries in search of happiness, and when found it already being an old man, realized that happiness was where everything started.

you Know, friends, but today is the best day! Go with the flow: laugh unrestrained, durachtes serenely, passionately kiss and love without the rest. And remember, today exchange and non-refundable!

With love believe that tomorrow will come, Radmila

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