"Mommy, don't be afraid of my tears"

A adults to be afraid of children's tears. It's hard for us when the baby is crying. We feel sometimes helpless, sometimes concern for the baby, sometimes it's anger.

But to cry, okay! As for an adult and child.

Even if you think that tears for no reason or it is insignificant, believe me, for your baby there is a reason and he is going through so much.

the Child's crying not to you, he finally bought the coveted toy. He is crying because he is bad that he has this toy no, he want it so bad. He cries to simply supported, sympathized with him.
And not to show your incompetence as a parent or to get what you want. After all, just an inability to withstand children's grief, and causes him the toy you purchase.

He could just be sad, or scared. He can endure separation from you, or cry because of the collapse of the towers... For your little baby these feelings so huge that he's crying. So he expresses his emotions. His vast experiences only seem small because we look at their experiences from the height of an adult.

what are we saying little in response to his grief: "don't cry... well, you're like a little... look, no one's crying... why are you acting so... why do you have such... no, I will go..."
is very long, and that's all the criticism, accusations, threats, blackmail, instructions. Everything but sympathy and support.

the little Baby, passing all these words through his heart, hears is not what we would like, "Mom doesn't like me as mom, I do not need". In the little man's strong instinct of self-preservation! Without a mother he could not survive. He has to learn to be comfortable by suppressing your missed mom's feelings. Convenient for moms, comfortable for...

next time, do not hurry to say something to your kid. Get down to his eye level, hug. Tight tight. Put aside your feelings and accept the child's feelings. Experience his grief. Don't try him for the umpteenth time to explain why you're leaving, or why can't he buy something. Believe me, he realized.

Tell me that you understand how sad he is that you know. You often feel it. Tell me that it's okay to cry. Tell me that you love him. Tell me what you are always, always thinking about him. And hug, hug, kiss his treasure and his bitter tears.

Help the baby to accommodate his feelings. Experience his feelings with him. Be that vessel that will take a little grief in itself, that it passed child.

Love and harmony to your family ❤️

(Alias Mary Swallow)

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