NOT that I have a serious problem!



That this reaction occurs in the message about the cost of therapy, it is often accompanied by a smile, laughter and even anger at the psychologist. No matter the father in question - individual, family (marital, parent-child) or group.

Such people are usually very urgently require them to accept, because to live like this anymore and urgently need to change something in their lives (their words, of course). and the time found, a man sitting opposite tells the hardships of his life, breaks down in tears, sometimes sobbing. The task of the psychologist or psychotherapist to inform about the number of meetings. And once a potential customer finds out how much it will cost his recovery immediately recovers, tears dry, breathing becomes even, the sobbing stopped. And it would seem that rejoice a psychologist or therapist, helped the man. But it's not so simple. How is this phenomenon and what is happening in reality?

At first glance, it is possible to diagnose the attitude to yourself - how much am I willing to spend on themselves, and if the amount seems high, what's the point to spend on themselves "unloved". Further work such neurotic defense, rationalization, avoidance, denial, and other. But the problem as was and remained, no matter heavy or not, as evaluated by external factors, and what's on the inside (feelings and emotions) are ignored.

One well-known in St. Petersburg psychotherapist always repeats one sentence "a rogue has no place in psychotherapy". Rude phrase, many touches, but understandable. And here the word "rogue" not so much about money, but about attitude ("the mentality of the poor man"). And this is easily solved in group therapy, in individual, too, but for a long time.

And a little math. The cost of one session in St. Petersburg ranges from 1500 and up ... (depends on the skill and experience of the therapist). The average need 20-40 sessions. Not hard to find. With group therapy, things are a little cheaper - the total cost divided by the number of hours and it becomes clear that it is 4 times cheaper individual.

In my experience I can say that customers who respond as indicated in the title, but still decided on psychotherapy, have great results and change your life for the better. br>
the First step is to overcome resistance, to treat money as spending on themselves. A practical example, one my client could find to work with a psychologist money because the wages of her 35 thousand rubles, and it is not enough for anything. And the help she really needed! My question as it rests, it turned out that every evening, drink 4 cans of GOOD beer and chips. When we considered how much this holiday has turned out one thousand rubles a day, for the month out of 30 thousand rubles. She was surprised when I learned how to spend money, and runs the whole month. Each of us has an optional expense, but once we decide what and whom to choose for himself. br>

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