always hear is "sorry eeeoh", "need to forgive" and stuff like that. And the second point: "it is necessary to you, it will be easier". And a lot more... That to forgive is not to forget that forgiveness robs power over us, and the like. And scary "if you do not forgive, then...." you will be worse. I just imagine myself with the spiteful fury. Which would be worse))

of Course, maybe people have petty bills, non-existent far-fetched reason...Candy is not given, once again not praised)) But in this case, to forgive is not for that. The need for praise or candy from the children's position pointed at the target. Adult did not move.

Relevance to "forgive" occurs when the wound inflicted by another person is really serious and deep. Betrayal, long lies, different varieties of bases, outright rudeness, gaslighting and other violence. I have different people offered to forgive.

Yes, I'm in 95% of cases survived his anger and calmly moved on. And even Twyla it all in a pillow and my girlfriend. Forgiven and buried. Consider the Gestalt to be closed. Go by, and if they intersect by chance, will pass. Not small.

But to ask me to forgive all these unacceptable things is the sequel to the ill-treatment of me. Once maybe at the end of the day I will change my beliefs, than why-I highly doubt it now. It's like the feelings on the wall, which is something I don't. I have a lot of places, because I just don't want to.

of Course, everyone chooses how to handle the facts of his spiritual and mental life. I long ago realized that the meanings that people invest in the same words, often the opposite of different. And the principle of "to forgive" means, and how to accept and letting go. I think there are more options. For me the release is not equal forgiveness. As is.

the Fox in the photo instead of the smilie.

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