I Once told a legend that the most advanced spiritual practices of people (in the Orthodox religion at least) have “the art of double meanings.” What it is, I was very clear, and the narrator didn't know anything except the name. It was believed that this great mystery and aerobatics.

But over time, mostly thanks to the experience of ASC (altered state of consciousness), I had a closer look at this concept.

Slightly understanding the art of double meanings, one person uses it for good, the other one starts to abuse this skill, as if not realizing that it is akin to a weapon.

Double-entendres strong effect on the subconscious, and often not immediately captured, not understood. Most people don't realize it and swallow at the subconscious level, and it certainly makes the art of double meanings management tool.

the Double meanings that exist only in dynamics, in a static embodiment, they are not clear and practically invisible. Why? Because it is based on feeling and perception. And perception is a function of time, in seconds.

a lot of Them in humor. In fact, any joke based on them.

Try to repeat a joke three times is not funny, has no perception, nothing new.

And if you think about it, nothing particularly secret here. No religious mysteries, is the psychology. The secret is to learn to see them quickly. But the subconscious has to be prepared for it, not Laden with their sorrows. It is a calm mind :) Another area, although related.

a Double meaning, as well as the feeling associated with the image. With the image of a literary, pictorial or any other. The image is always holographic, volumetric, and perceived only by their part. Maybe that's why "we can not predict..." First you see one, turn see another, and how many of them there... How much is enough personal imagination.

Remember the Museum - can you see the picture, and somehow it is perceived. And suddenly my dear tour guide begins a story about this picture to tell me that everything is flipped upside the head. But in fact the artist wanted to say... And then the imagination of the critic.

To master this art you need to know a little about synchrony, so beloved by Jung, esoteric, and oddly enough, scouts. In the ordinary sense it is the coincidence of certain events.

With these coincidences it is possible to go very far, we want to deepen. But in short - it is a property of the human psyche to see analogies in seemingly unrelated events. There are some common features at the events - and it may indicate something important.

Here I will not be able to clearly Express the idea. But I can give as an example a short film, short film, filmed by young Ukrainian Directors. Summer, Kiev, Khreshchatyk.

Lyrical and a little Comedy the film is very well illustrated by the perception of simultaneous events, for example, all is clear - about unexpected love.

For me, this film was very important because that is associated with the ability to show the ISS is very high quality, never seen such a beautiful example. But this is another area :)

No offense to women, I think that men easier in the field (double meaning) oriented just because more familiar with foul language. In obscene speech has its own laws, a few emptying the brain from the rules and framework. I don't like offensive, but when today's youth use any words in any situation - I understand that it is their freedom. And if this is modern - is the need for freedom.

Examples will not lead - as I wrote, to see the "other content" is possible only in dynamics. But the written word without changing the time - works only so long until you exhaust your ignorance about yourself.

This article is just a little note on the memory, for serious, even Castaneda was not able about the subject to write. A plant tough philosophy have neither the skills nor needs.

it May be "Ulysses" of Joyce for many can be a textbook in this area, but it is also very individual. This is the first name that I remembered. Not the fact that I remembered it "right" for the above reason. Each can be quite similar examples.

only two Meanings - direct and figurative. To see both of meaning or of the image - need to learn not to run from what does not want to see. Owned and the need for this psychological work, or therapy, or psychoanalysis.

To begin to get rid of radistka problems, which for any living organism to create a high barrier of understanding. Still Freud has created such a strong Foundation from which nobody has been able to escape. And then - even a list of approximately two hundred problems, according to the Buddhists. Process almost all human life.

And probably understandable if people are able to see the levers by which they are trying to manage. to manipulate such a man becomes impossible. And this is one of the ways to individuate, to separate and independent existence in the world.

And you shouldn't do it. Live happily and sneezing all the meanings that can interfere with this process. Also a good option.

P. S.

Read again the whole text and it seemed to me that I never explained the essence of the subject. What is it? No examples probably very difficult to understand. You can try to look for playing ball children. By itself, the ball doesn't carry any meaning, the players is also a separate objects. But in the game they are involved in the game, as well as the ball becomes a participant, however servile, dependent. But the main semantic load of the game goes to different combinations of the relative position of ball and players. In basketball it's some combination of football others on the Playground in kindergarten any more.

Or you can look at a game of table tennis. There is a game ball, the sound of hitting the ball on the racket. You pay attention to players? On the ball, of course. The sound is like behind the scenes, although it is perfectly audible. If you learn how to follow the game by the sound of the ball is getting close to mastery. Something akin to the NLP method of “whisper in the wind.”

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