retirement — is an important event in the life of any person. Finally you can not go to work and can devote the time only to himself:

  • However, the realities of life are that not everyone in this country is able to live comfortably in retirement (not having any other additional sources of income).
  • How to choose a occupation that will bring joy and good money?

In this article we will talk about several options earnings on pension, which may come to your liking (and to fill your wallet).

Than making money in retirement is different from conventional 8-hour work?

Those that have retired can afford the luxury of choosing when and with whom to work. He may be picky and take your time to consider each offer made to him — and feel free to abandon all that he doesn't like.

1) the money from the vegetable patch (farmer).

This is one of the most usual and available ways to make money of the older generation.

the Farm's products are highly appreciated by the adepts of a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle) and Masoneilan (vegetarians) because they are full of fresh vitamins and do not contain nitrates and GMOs.

Before you open a huge space for activities: you can grow vegetables or fruits, breed animals, engage in the sale of dairy products, to devote himself to beekeeping or mushroom cultivation.

Better if the farming operations are passionate about both spouses: collaboration not only brings together and extends the life but also helps to split the work so that each was dealing with.

2) DIY.

this buzzword is hidden benefits from doing what you like (in exchange for a decent reward)

You love to sew, knit or to make something with your hands? Then right now, do this:

  • take a picture of your hand-made masterpieces, and place these pictures on the Internet — and over time you will not rebound from customers.
  • To do this, of course, have to work hard. For example, make your page in Instagram, Classmates and Vkontakte.

3) Minor household repairs.

Earn, doing the work of ‘the man”, can almost every man in the retirement age.

Repair plumbing, hang a shelf, to fix curtain, Wallpaper paste — your help will come in handy in the detail and in more complex cases.

Women, too, will not remain without orders, because many families (especially with children) are looking for those who can shift at least part of the household chores on the farm.

4) Photo.

This is my favorite topic! My account Vkontakte are more than 40 thousand photos that I made just a few years.

If you see beauty everywhere and is able to capture the person so that he liked himself, — try to do a photo:

  • moreover, The young photographers are now very much, but among older people the competition is not high.
  • You can create a personal brand based on his image of the adult, a wise man, who because of their age are better able to show the beauty of this world.

5) Freelancing.

For anyone who has a computer and Internet access, wide open door of freelancing (this is something like a remote operation related to the execution of small orders).

to Check the literacy of writing, to write an article, leave feedback, etc. simple orders waiting for you on numerous websites for freelancers.

Final recommendation on personal Finance.

That money was always enough, should learn to “friends” with them.

Yes, we in the Soviet Union were not taught, and even banned (with the promise that communism will come and money will eventually cancel). But since communism did not come, then we will have to take care of themselves financially.

What to do to learn how to live richly:

1) Each day, read articles on financial literacy (or books on personal Finance).

2) Value your money — pay yourself first, and then others. With the amount you put off 10-20%. Learn how wise to increase your money.

3) Wealth — it is in the minds, not wallets. Rich people can always a little more than others. And all because they are not afraid to try new things and learn that they do not know how to do.


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