Novice sailors dedicated

all Around was the sea. Big lead, absolutely endless and hopeless. And I'm in my little boat with the rough, not polished work of the oars, sat dejectedly bent, have no strength to paddle on.

Well, someone decided to be a client? – asked Natalia.

I replied I do. After all, I was a real customer, and request I had.

it All happened on one of the practical training one of the modules of the training program by a professional coach. I had the honor to work with Tatiana, the same student that I am. Now she was my coach.

- Well... awkward, I the situation is this: I quit my job and I feel terribly insecure. There is the usual team. I think I can not do anything. Feel in a small boat without sails, where there is only oars. I am afraid that will not cope with this sea around it engulf me and drown.

I saw myself in this unfortunate boat and tears welled up in my eyes.

I was on a big ship, I was part of a team. It was all clear. Rules, the duties I was doing them along with everyone else regardless of whether I liked it or not...And now I'm alone in this boat.

- what if You return to the ship? asked Tatiana.

Back? – sharp memories flash before my eyes. I remembered that the ship on which I was before: rules, form, drill (my ship was in the military).

No. Don't want to. I was already there and all they know. I ain't going back there!

' What do You want?– asked the coach.

I want to stick to the big ship, to be with him side-by-side, to follow him on the fairway as well, or is the line which remains with the ship? And then I'll feel more confident.

And then I suddenly realized that this ship I have is my husband. And with this ship I ready to pull the food, water, warm blankets to keep me warm... And then warmer was swept with gratitude. I'm so grateful that he allows me to stay in my boat...

- what You want in the future?

- What do you want?

And then I saw a yacht! Not very big. Quick and easy. With teak deck and the sails. She flies over the waves towards the wind. So free and strong. And I'm there captain. And I have my own team. Small – 2-3 person. And this team knows marine science and I can bet on it.

the Quiet voice continued:

- And with time she will become more and more team, and then she will be a great ship. On the ship people will make boats for other people and then pull them into the water. And the people on the boats will sail to their future yachts and ships.

the sun was Shining. Passed by a big ship. The man in the stern waving hat and shouted something supportive. I waved back and leaned on the oars. The boat was easy, cutting the nose wave. Ahead of me was waiting for the boat and had to go forward.

somewhere I heard the noise of the water was lowered a new boat.

a Huge thanks to Natalia Manohina, Yakushkina Tatiana and to all the participants of the training program "Coaching in business and in life", edition 2012, for his great support in the professional development.

Graduate program Kuznetsova Marina

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