Новое в жизни

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How often our clients complain of boredom, lack of joy in life, the boring routine of family life which pushes one to commit adultery, in other casinos, and the third – to the bottle... the list goes on, but this is not the purpose of our article.

Let's think, why so? Why is the world suddenly becomes gray, and what was once happy, now not only indifferent, but also annoying? It turns out that our psyche is arranged so that we always want what we have, we are happy. To keep the spirit and joy of life, you need to "pamper" yourself brand new and get rid of old, obsolete, unnecessary. And you need to start small with the things around us that we enjoy in life.

you Probably noticed that the owners of the apartments, randomly stuffed with old furniture and miscellaneous junk, usually unhappy and unsuccessful in life. They may have plenty of reasons to accumulate, as it seems, right things. However, it is one, perhaps the main reason for their unhappiness — they just won't leave room for the new. After all, if you do not teach yourself to make room for the new, you will never get rid of the old, and thus, living among memories become with time unhappy. Because the past is gone, future is not yet, there is only the present, and it is beautiful!

Collecting unnecessary things just in case, we assume that this case will come, and will have to walk, for example, in shabby pants. We set ourselves to failure and trouble. Thus, programmable yourself and loved ones to live a life where we will not be able to buy new things, and will be forced to wear old, unfashionable, pre-patched them.

Leaving the house unnecessary things, you are programming yourself for poverty. The desire to hold on to old things - a sure sign of the psychology of poverty. Clinging to things that no longer serve you, you are clinging to principles and ideas that no longer serve you. Nothing new and valuable will come into our lives, yet it is not for this space. And as soon as it will be free, just find the money and time for a new one in your life.

in addition, the old, disused things, and, especially, broken and damaged, creating your house of negative energy, contribute to the stagnation of life and even negatively affect your health, well-being and success in life. Old, forgotten things represent a pending case, and pending tasks.

How the surrounding objects can affect our lives? Every thing carries with it psychic energy, which it laid. The space of the apartment is filled with information about the things that are in it. If the thing shoved into a corner or pushed to the unit useless, what has laid in it? But if such things in the apartment lot, then negative, dead zones formed around unnecessary items, filled the whole house. Fill in such things as space gets tighter and starts to push the man from his apartment. Man loses vital force — its energy potential, wasting it on unnecessary things.

to break this vicious circle, get rid of unnecessary things! Now start to apply these recommendations to improve your life!

*sort all your stuff in all the cupboards. If for a year or two the thing remained unclaimed, then it is not needed, fire her. The rule is: new season – new thing. Before you hang new clothes in the wardrobe, you have to throw away the oldest of them.

*Buy only what you really need, rather than something that is just nice, and liked in a shop window.

*get rid of everything that doesn't fit the style, color and size.

*get rid of all the old and worn-out, spots, holes, faded and unsightly in appearance, and the garment, wearing which the experience of physical discomfort.

*you Need to throw away old shoes and bags of outdated models. Nothing kills an outfit like an old, worn and cracked shoes and bag.

*Oriental philosophers recommend constantly to change something in the house - to rearrange the furniture, change the decorations, wash the dust even where it is not visible, let things know that they are not forgotten.

*the Value of a bouquet of flowers and some tights about the same, so why we have torn the tights in the drawer years to wear them under pants? We're not going to keep for as long a dried bouquet in a vase!

*Send in the trash all chipped and cracked dishes and mirrors with some defects.

*If you have items reminding you of something bad or gifted to you by someone you dislike, get rid of them.

as soon As you want some changes in life, to get rid of unwanted emotions, troubles in the family and stagnation at work, but also with the deterioration of their health, start to free your home from negative emotions. Clearing the space, we send a signal to your subconscious about your willingness to change and adopt into your life abundance and happiness. If you want positive changes in your life, then make room for them! The same can be done when everything in the house just fine and there's no reason for any unrest. Just in order to strengthen their positive mood and to maintain a proper harmony in the family and at work.

the Article was first published on the website of the Psychological Studio "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg: https://www.psyrost.spb.ru/single-post/Novoe-v-zhizni

© Elena and Alexander, Bazanchuk, psychologists-psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, family and personal psychologists for adults and children, Psychological Studio "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg

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