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I have already described the man in the article https://www.b17.ru/article/120252/,


I can endlessly sing an ode to the woman I'm in love with them, women of all ages and shapes,I respect them and admire them. Not a person, I don't care what a woman's personality, there's just more interesting to me and less.

But to the woman, her body, soul, spirit, I experience awe, tenderness and warmth. If you don't like women, you just can't see them, you see the personality, and personality is a big mnogocelevoe complex, but not the woman.

For that I love them? I like men, but they other love to men in them. So, for that reason a woman loved, for the endless inner turmoil that drives her, and the chaos it is the universe with its order. For that fire that every woman holds deep or closer to the surface, a large fire or small fire which always continues to burn until extinguished her life. For the infinite capacity to self realization, to Sunday, the desire to live with the fact that it is able to give life to an infinite number of ideas, from children to create new worlds.

For the rhythms of UPS and UPS, with the ability to complete all a and essence, and substance, to fill in any forms, processes of making them. For an infinite number of fantasies, thoughts, plans and ideas, which lead it to destruction at the old level, and growing at quite new along with the new world at that level.She'd moved over from floor to floor his life, and sometimes even lower, but not giving up is already preparing to a higher level. Woman can't stop just because it cycles and has its engine, the infinite perpetual motion. If a woman will cease to rotate your thoughts, emotions, ideas, even the craziest, her life will stop. The woman needs grounding, because of its ability to fill the space requires that space.

a Woman can not create, it always creates either a potion or worlds. Any, absolutely any woman the witch in charge, because a woman's nature. Nature itself knows everything, she creates, she plans on focusing on their clocks and mechanisms. I can see where so strong in the female nature itself? She really can be herself in the world, but with a man, maybe 1,000 times more. A female magnet, it's a combination of pros and cons in constant motion, electric current, energy that transforms anything that gets in her zone. Sometimes she gets tired to create, or is disappointed by their creations and goes to sleep, freezes, but in this state it is beautiful! Because only freezes the outside, but inside the same teplyaev spark continues to create new rebirth. Leaving in itself, it creates an implicit, secret, sacred, carries and gives birth to itself anew, goes to other worlds, finding lost contacts, knowledge and returns to life, sometimes changing it radically. If a woman is empty, she just doesn't want to go deep into themselves and their knowledge, does not want to samovosproizvoditsja, does not want to draw strength from the kind and knowledge of nature, in this moment she is a little, cranky girl but she is beautiful!

the Woman always goes in cycles, from a little girl to Goddess, gathering knowledge and getting enjoyment, in fact from any of his roles and the fact, the woman enjoys, just many are ashamed to admit it to himself. Well, who recognized the pleasure of their certifi, crackers, witches, fierce Lilith, a slutty and voluptuous whore. It is considered that only the positive state, approved by other women or men is commendable, but the true delight, surprise and envy, fear that is negative, the shadow. To fear a woman can only be the little boy in man being swallowed by his mother, more than it in man, the stronger the fear, but the fear from admiration of her strength and power. Until the woman learns all its essence, profane and spiritual nature, it does not gather in unity, in one big world and will endlessly sink and soar their particles.

what she need a man? To build pair with him, to balance his chaos, earth, and the creation of opposites, a new atmosphere, to form and space that the man gives and carries.A woman is a huge amount of resources that it wants to create infinitely new, and it carries a unique new male due to its expansion around the world, the conquest of this new. This is women's love for man, the desire to take his ability to comprehend the new, already coming up with ideas about the creation of new for them, for from the Union. Why a woman can leave men? She has nothing else to create with him, because he does not understand the new, does not bear this is new in itself and with the other, he stopped.

the Woman, not understanding her need to be taken with misunderstanding, and often her own misunderstanding of yourself, it needs to be preserved, helping her to smoothbores without interfering with its processes, not to invade them, but calmly to observe what the new is born it is now. It is admired! I see this all the time, is a mystery that cannot enter extraneous to this process is possible only to touch, but very gently,without breaking, watching the birth of a new miracle. Love a woman is easy, you just need to accept her nature became necessary. Become necessary to give new life and protection, and of himself in particular, be protected from violence, from any aggressive intrusion into her space without an invitation, to give what she's asking in the first place, and then that will be excess demands if the man has the ability to comprehend new. Then all its manifestation will be to you in love, in gratitude, in respect, to what I want to men. In fact, this is the love of self and in itself, the woman needs to love all their fortunes, negative and positive, and men need to love their actions, a move to a new. If it is a pair of equals, a Union of equals, then the difference we complement each other through exchange.

Zinovieva Natalia
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