Each of us every day faces this term. For example, from the examples of others, often people do not even notice how often and a lot it depreciates in their lives or hears it from others. Let's see what it is and why it occurs.
We often depreciate what they want, but are unable to. Here is the infamous Fox in the fable devalued the grapes, saying that it is green. And why? Because she could not transfer the unavailability of the grapes to produce that she wanted. To confess his inability to produce something that is so necessary — so hurt to hit himself on self-assessment. That had the unfortunate tailed to reduce the weight of the grapes.
Similarly, the depreciation works in jealousy: that man wants, for example, financial success as a neighbor, but feels that he such happiness does not Shine. Maybe not enough education, willpower, self-confidence — but who knows what. But admit it — hurt, ashamed and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to sign for his own failure. What to do? To devalue the successes of the neighbor. For example, to say that he stole. Or he beautiful eyes and a great connection got. At least, that he just got lucky — at the right time in the right place was. Depreciation is one of the protective mechanisms of the psyche, in which we reduce (if not deny) the enormity of what is actually very important to us. You can depreciate everything: people, emotions, achievements. Is a tool that helps us to preserve ourselves and avoid contact with unbearable feelings.
the Logic of this mechanism is that I may lose something important, may hurt another, but preserve itself from destruction. And we do — we go on any victims if only to preserve their self-esteem, but would not feel pain.
the Basis of our education is that we have not been taught how to cope with negative emotions. We don't know how to survive my own pain, and how to help someone who is bad. But we are good at "plugging" is objectionable feelings (our own and others') use of the depreciation.
Often we ignore the grief of others because we are afraid to drown. Or worse — to get in touch with their own (which is also impaired and somewhere inside stored, we just don't know. But we feel that if the burst will be covered from head). Then we majesto to tell the person in a depression something like "Oh you're worried about, it's all nonsense! Let's watch a movie".
Yourself, your value and your successes often devalue people with low self-esteem, prone to masochism and sacrifice. There are those who reduce the significance of other people, their feelings, thoughts, and achievements to this background yourself to seem more successful. Devaluation of others is a form of psychological violence, a way to raise their self-esteem through humiliation of another person. Depreciation is often used and manipulators. For example, you can easily make a man addicted to yourself if to convince him that he is wrong to skew the curve and were no longer needed.
there Are people for which the depreciation is the only method of communication. It may seem that the mechanism of depreciation is something terrible and harmful. But nature is much wiser than we are, and it creates nothing "uniquely bad" or "uniquely good". Depreciate not only we, but us. And then experienced severe pain and frustration, especially when doing this loved ones. But we all know that if the mechanism worked — so a man saves himself from something scary, threatening and destructive. It protects something very important to him.

Nadezhda Kashirina
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