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how many times told the world... that everything That person does - the goal is to get what's missing and necessary. And need to things simple to outrageous and impossible - warmth, affection, care, sympathy, empathy. Native person. Obnimashka therapy in General, it is necessary. If all this is saleswithout.

the Wife is unhappy, outraged, saws, Jamie? - Honey, come here, hug! In very advanced cases at once may not work if obnimashka-therapeutic processes have not been. But this is not about what to do and about to do even more aggressively. Yet not filled the gap, and famine.

the Husband's nagging, mumbling, grumbling? - Honey, come here, hug! About running instances all the same as in the previous case.

Kids are fighting and hollering. - Go hug. Children usually have not yet strengthened by reason, and say they will not be enough. Must be treated myself. By the way, adults, too, are like children. And very often there are by the way!

children Have another strong side effect, especially if they are under-loved, and nedobraya - obnimashka therapy releases a lot of energy, and the child becomes Hyper-active. This is normal. Adult who is the baby. And also normal.

If you think it's not true, the author knows nothing of life, and so on and so urgently find obnimashka therapist! In this case, moreover, obnimashka therapist just might be close to the man, and the man-friend!

Man nadobny
spends a sad century,
life's great mauled
depressed person.

You don't need to communicate with him,
listen, Elitsa to understand
and silently get
and suddenly Debnath!

* * * * *

Love comes to us unbidden,
She like white snow,
Always beautiful and desirable,
And every man she pleased.

there Are storms and doubt,
jealousy Is like a storm.
But no more beautiful feeling,
Than to look into the eyes of love.

She'll make all the moments,
Let into the sky to fly.
boredom instantly find salvation,
Allowing the feelings to breathe.

* * * * *

in the Morning, remembering you, smile
my soul will become warmer,
're heartily I laugh,
And you and I become bolder.

You my sweet dawn, my dusk,
my joy, My delight,
You're calm, you're excited,
You're my heat, you are the mood.

And not yet met you,
Not known to me was happiness,
you revives the soul,
You love, you joy, riches!

Mikhail Volokhov
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