Observation. Look around.


Every day can be full of depth and wonderful timeless treasure of the heart, if at all.., if you want, a lot of "if" it is possible here to substitute.. but I mean the mindset of the view (his focus) on the background of personal "scratch".

For me, it really helps to install "view", when I realize that my eye in the daily occurence "podzemelya" and stops genuinely surprised, happy and honestly thankful for the day urgent.

I "mentally going through" all (or sometimes part, too, already is enough) and his most significant sense-in this life values, for all and everything who and what I care about.. and how would it be more precise to Express, internally alienated from them, we can say, rip of mental-emotional connection, as if from the outside, in reality, their I no longer have.. as if I separated from them and is not and will never be able to touch them or returning them to survive it is beyond me, bodily, sensually..

And at this point reset and emptiness, feeling-himself-as-process usually a fraction of a second parallel covers the flow of feelings.. I like to "remember" ... actually, while all that I HAVE!

There are so many opportunities to experience the world:

my breath, I have to do consciously every inhale and exhale..

to look out and see the world and the people around you..

to go.. slowly..faster and run, even jump..

sniff.. feeling the smells familiar and not very around..flowers..grass if not winter outside the window.. the smell of children's hair.. the smell of your favorite food..fresh bedding.. new books..

to listen to.. as the clock ticking.. like a buzzing Cicada.. as puffs in the dream loved ones..your own breath.. as the bird sings..

to laugh, to observe, to talk, to touch, to think, to discover the world, children, men-as-Other and so on to infinity!..

And then a simple walk becomes a feast of admiration of natural forms and textures created by the Creator and his creation - an unexpected and friendly waving tail of a bird, countless burrows of mice in dry grass, white challenging tree fungus.. it all can be folded into your heart and get out of memory when needed to replenish resources.

Nevedrova Victoria
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