OCD (Obessive-compulsive disorder).

Much of our time, people suffering from this personality disorder and not even know it?

Doctors, teachers, workers of different fields. Their life is painful fears and darkest colors. They are forced to be afraid and to make rituals, involving in this sometimes their loved ones, friends, work colleagues, children.

the Fear that one experiences from his thoughts, akin to the fear of vertigo, but many people suffer it in silence, having no opportunity to tell close, or having the awareness and understanding that everything is not so bad, and they are not alone.

Dark thoughts that cause fears, the desire to do a ritual to not true bad thoughts, all it takes, literally, their life, preventing them to go about their business, spending time with family, to relax and unwind. They are literally exhausted from loneliness, lack of understanding, fears and rituals!

the thoughts that often you can "shake off", spinning in the head and raise the alarm bringing her to panic.

"My favorite daughter will die" "I hate my husband and want him to die" And much and much and much... analysis is what confuses novice psychologist when he tries to analyze these thoughts, why they occur, and thus puts the customer in an even worse state. Then rituals. To do something or not to do to "thoughts left and never came true": return and drive back to start the day with fresh and clean thoughts, and then you can do something. The sea of options draws the brain, depressed man with fear and guilt, but the rituals do not help. They will only drive the human frame, this dependence. The man wakes up, and thoughts do not go anywhere, the value of suffering, and another day is lost... And nothing from real life is not made.

Suffer from this disorder often responsible, loving people with conscience and empathy, and development has their beloved and Holy. "My daughter will die if I give it to the photograph." And of course the person is not photographed. These thoughts are not amenable to analysis and are caused by a malfunction of the brain that need to be aware and to stop obsessing about these thoughts, stopping all the rituals.

Qualified support people, the sooner the better - very important!

I Wish you luck!

sincerely, Yelena Borisovna.

Romanenko Elena
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