the Title of this article came from on the basis of my interest in these problems and the analysis of the articles of my colleagues.r"Edge" customers I call and those who have borderline personality disorder (BPD), and those with borderline personality organization. Because in the first, in the second case, the therapy with such clients is of a specific nature.GTAC what can unite man with obsessive - compulsive disorder (OCD) and human PRL - you ask and will be absolutely right, because in the first case we are dealing with the symptom, and the second with accentuation of character. The answer is in the topic title. At first glance, quite different in its manifestation, but this is the same if we consider it globally within the human body.predstavim two clients with OCD, but one has BPD/borderline personality organization, and the other not. What therapy will be easier and more effective? Of course, however, which has no "pogranichnoi". It's like two patients with the flu: both cough, but a history of bronchial asthma (which aggravates the cough with flu), and the other - to cure the flu and the cough. Exaggerated example of course, because the flu has a lot of complications and no history of aggravated...but nevertheless. So, a person with OCD "treat" with the help of CBT or its varieties (statistically proven efficacy) and "let go in free swimming". Border guards "treat" in the same manner, but here he shows "ingenuity" of his personality. He cannot and does not want to go into "free floating" because it "checker" a priori. That one helped, not really suitable for another. "Edge" the client begins to control You (the therapist), breaking therapeutic boundaries. You he about Eremu and he told you about Thomas. Well if you know how to work with "guard", then you will be able to handle the situation. And if not? And then what priority is his personality or his OCD? Like all important and prevents to live. But OCD he noticed like 2 years ago, and "borderline" after all, lives much longer. And you decide to focus on OCD. But it was not there. You agree to exit from "edge" out of control and he is starting to devalue you, decides to change specialist. You just have to breathe but him? After all, another specialist will be the same (if it does not work with "edge"). And here it all depends on the psychological maturity of your customer, the necessary resources for continuation of therapy, his ability to introspect and the ability to prioritize. kakoi conclusion I would like to our profession it is important to be deeply thoughtful, observant, trust your instincts, have a fresh (not "blurry" look), always mindful of the causality of a disorder and do not forget that every rule always has an exception. Although sometimes it is Oh so easy in our modern world,...r.

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