a Woman should be able to be grateful and satisfied with its capabilities that can provide her husband. Why? And how to learn to happy with what you have? For this you need to understand the male nature.

Men — creating, not needing a lot of comfort. There are degrees of detachment, of ofreciendole and asceticism, which is capable of the stronger sex, but in General, men —unpretentious living beings. All they want is somewhere to eat and sleep, to do useful and for somebody to take care of. Of course, we are talking about normal male nature, not about some warped version of when all needs are the training of the fingers and the eyes with getting your buttons and looking at the monitor.

men should be a mission that fills the meaning of his life, the cause to which he himself gives, he needs favorite people, taking care of which it can be implemented in their responsibility. This is all it needs.
Therefore, as a rule, all that a man pulls into the house, — for his wife and children. If a woman instead to be thankful that nags him: “Little, other out how to live”, — this misbehavior, talking about the inability to be grateful for the committed effort. And also this indicates the need to understand the differences between the male and female psyche.

Women are emotional and talk about their everyday concerns to her husband, friends and family. The male psyche is designed quite differently. Experiencing difficulties, the man (if he is a man) can absolutely not show it on the outside — and the wife may not know and not even realize that he has a problem.

in women, both hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously: they both think and experience emotions. Everything works immediately: and feelings and logic. Men hemisphere are alternately: the logic, the emotions, including feelings, sometimes they can low down. The woman, worrying, too, may fall, but slowly, because the logic works as it always has. The man, including feelings, can do too much, which he will not be happy.
But when a man activated the logic included “the military regime" he's like a boxer who enters the ring and fights with a rival. He did not feel pain — and “catching up" of all only then, after the fight. Bruises, scratches, abrasions, concussions. The goal is set, we need to win — and the man just rushing like a tank, not noticing anything around. And it already can be stressful, but he just goes forward.

And the woman watching from the outside, may seem that nothing is happening that the husband doesn't hurt that he is not fighting. The man kept — and the wife thinks, “Everything is normal. He smiles. So it's all good. No problems”. But in reality, he commits a feat and sacrifice for family and for children. However, whatever a man may sacrifice and whatever was hidden behind his calm, his wife may not even know that he's hurting because a normal man will cry on the chest of his woman, speaking about how it is hard, difficult and how he is unhappy.

But if you have already noticed that something is wrong — women that appeal to you — if you see your man down, just know that it is not just not myself. Its visible state means that the problem is already overflowing. One hundred percent of the pain has already been achieved — and her much more. If you see that the man is sick, feel free to multiply the pain tenfold, and you can't go wrong. So he really feels inside. Nice to understand these things.
So, if the husband smiles and silently pulls itself all that it needs to do, if you don't complain, it does not mean that he does not make any internal victims. He sacrifices daily for the sake of you and children. We are talking about the traditional family where the husband works and the wife deals with the kids and the house. But the principle job of the male psyche remains under any scenario. 

If a woman understands the male nature and appreciates the efforts that are made constantly without any complaints, claims, for her and children, she will be grateful and satisfied. This grateful woman. She is gonna get a lot more always. The main thing - a stable relationship. 

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