Advantages and disadvantages

in order to be confident person is required to know who you really are. What I really like? What you want and what you can do? Building on your strengths we can cultivate an inner strength that leads to success in your personal life and in business and realization of creative potential.
did you Know that you increases? What activity fills? Are you your personality? What does it consist of? Offer to perform a few simple exercises, in order to find your resource.
1⃣ Envy our pointer.
Try to monitor during the day that feeling. Who or what are you jealous? What they have that I do not have, but you really would like to have? This can be a material thing, a personal quality, work — anything. Write down this list. What you can get today? How can this be achieved? Albeit not fully at once, but partially. Where you can start your journey? Go for it!
2⃣ Favorite things
Remember, what you like to do? What brings you pleasure? What process are you kidding? You love to study? What is the lesson I would like to add in your everyday life? Perhaps you have not realized an old dream? To learn a new language or learn to draw? Dilute routine cases with bright colors — add a couple of new classes, extending them for a week (in W my singing, and on Friday the basketball, for example).
3⃣ Turn your weaknesses into strengths.
If you have minusik, then it can be transformed into a plus! How? And try to find this as a need that you just need to satisfy! For example , like to shout 😁 find a job, which is very useful - maybe you just don't have the adrenaline rush (sign up for a parachute jump) or as a realization of the throat chakra (start singing), but maybe you just do not have enough calm and concentration (engage in yoga and spiritual practices).
❤Express yourself, find your own personal resource that fills and helps to implement and improve the inherent abilities and potential. Samosovershenstvovaniya!

Ovcharenko Tatiana
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