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Among my most read articles are articles that explain the mechanisms of the formations from the point of view of traditional scientific point of view. I myself interested in this topic. So today I will continue the narrative on the subject.

In previous articles I talked about those recognized by science and used in traditional psychotherapy techniques that are used in the balance [https://www.b17.ru/article/103592/ https://www.b17.ru/article/104726/].

a stumbling block in the balance – the residual phenomenon of perception.

In this article I want to make an assumption, which can be explained from the point of view of modern science this phenomenon, which lies at the basis of the method of systemic constellations.

the Phenomenon is known as something that exists objectively, but the development you can't explain from the standpoint of science.

the Relatively recent discovery scientists-neuroscientists - is mirror neurons. These are cells of the nervous of the brain that are excited when a person commits a certain action and also excited when observed as the same action can make other. More about mirror neurons, I will write in a separate article. Here I want to say that these cells are responsible for empathy, for when one person yawns near the beginning to yawn and the surrounding. That is why the mother can feel her child in the distance.

When appointed to the role of the Deputy in the balance, presumably, aktiviziruyutsya it mirror neurons, and the Deputy starts to feel the role.

there was one experiment. A group of students were divided into two subgroups. One subgroup during the exam the professors, ask them for help, and the second control subgroup did not. Amazingly, the students from the first group passed the exam better and felt much more confident than students in the control group.

the same thing often happens in the balance, when the restored relationship with his parents, the client feels behind the support of father and mother and all their kind, obtaining the resource from the large figures.

a Person starts to act more efficiently. This is one of the goals of any therapy.

the more I study psychology, neurophysiology, the more scientific it seems to me the method of system constellations by Bert Hellinger.

Author: Fedor Erokhin.

Fedor Erokhin
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