Oh, it is the children's resistance


Often, the opposition reaches its climax in +-3 years and lasts up to 5-7 years.
But there is no harm, no manipulation, no moodiness, not corruption of the child or, as some say, the manifestation of will and character. On the contrary, says Gordon Neufeld, a canadian psychologist, the stronger the resistance, the weaker will. ✔app But this is normal and natural for preschoolers.

Resistance and other manifestations of "undesirable" behaviour is the tip of the iceberg.
the more we insist on his own, the more the child resists, noticed?
We think: "Oh well, how can he not listen to their parents?", boil and cease to act prudently, we have already driven by rage, anger. And hardly such a confrontation to something a good result, right?
As they say: "the wise keep silent". This is the situation. Why do we Balk as a child, and continue to insist on, if we see that the situation is exacerbated and does not lead to the desired result?
the child understand that parents have to listen to? To show who's in charge? For example. But will it prove the situation, when the child closed our words? Whether it will hear us? I think not.

What to do?
We can't change, unlike the child. So why not be adventurous?
✔app Then, later, when the storm settles, the opposition will change your harmonious interaction, then the child will be able to hear you and your explanation. Moreover, in the context of warm and trusting relationships will not be opposition to your requirements if they are stated in soft and non-accusatory form.

Back to the point of disobedience. This is especially effective if there's no time, and the child rested, and all.
✔app One way Game! Inhale-exhale, switch and lured the child in play activity, in which will be performed as desired. For example: "Oh, and we forgot to miss a pen through the tunnel, honk, too," (And wear a sweater).
It will not be bowing under the child! Rather, it will be a knight, thanks to which you will retain a warm relationship with the child, his desire to be good for you, and you wisely waited the time when the intensity of the situation subside, and the child will be open to hear you.
And yet, this will help keep your internal resources.

✔app Another option is to bypass the resistance if the situation is NOT important, and time is short switch the child's attention.
I am reminded of one episode of disobedience of the son (he was 2.5 years), I will share with you:
it's Time to sleep. We kind of lay down, but Jack could not be reconstructed from the gaming mood, though and was tired. Then he got up and, no matter what I say no matter how we tried to lure him again to lie down, but nothing helped. Just told them, "the hotu". Oh! And even in hands was not given absolutely! And then I suddenly thought: "Eugene, I want you to tell today what we did with my dad?" Eugene's eyes lit up, and immediately went to the handle. 😊 I hid, hugged, and started all in order to tell. From the rebellion is not gone. Soon Eugene gently fell asleep. Although kept saying "not the hotu to sleep."

Remember, adults, we know and understand more, and we can think ahead, unlike children. cool app

Natalia Loseva
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