Oh, the music!... Songs about codependent relationship

"I am you, you are me,
And nobody needs us,
All that I got now,
I you will give..."

(C) M. Nasyrov "I am you"

the Russian pop songs often sung codependency:

"...that's all you can give!
And before I believe in it,
What hard for me not to expect you,
All day without leaving the door..."
(C) Veronica Tushnov, was performed by Alla Pugacheva


"I Have no other,
I waited for you!
waited and believed,
the Heart though:
We're the two banks of
one river"
(C) G. pozhenyan, was performed by Maya Kristalinskaya

In these lines a lot of interesting, what could dig the psychologist - why she believed in my heart said the opposite?

To which she remains faithful to those whom wait?

And with that she took (just like the mantra repeats) that they are "two banks of one river"?

does Not allow it if they are halves, one from Apple and another from a beaver?...

To songs from the face co-dependent person can include even more modern:
"My great love
Enough for the two of us..."
(C) Zemfira

When I first came to psychology (then as a client), the impressive part of songs of the pop genre (and rock genre too) fell out of my playlist for one simple reason: lyrics where hear clearly a codependency, listening was difficult, even frustrating.

However, I've noticed that certain songs that are popular with a wide audience, I have been at least puzzling:

"He then sold his house,
Sold paintings and shelter,
And all the money bought
a sea of flowers..."
(C) Andrei Voznesensky "Million scarlet roses"

He, quote, "a poor artist" - why is he doing it? And what did he live?...

...In fact, if you wanted to make a nice gesture, he's an artist! - could be on the same square instead of a million roses a portrait of her draw! In the entire area. Crayons. Or gouache. Too beautiful.

But no, common sense in the songs "about love" (which is actually about dependence) is not held in high esteem.

I had to sell everything, then:

"... Lived the artist one,
a Lot of the ills he suffered..."

In this regard, some modern songs that right and left are criticized here and there, cause I have more of a positive response.

Yes, if the verses you dig, there, too, is not all smooth, but, for example, the lines from the chorus of one song, much more useful than "waiting all day without leaving your door"

"If you don't love me, I'm no,
If I forget something and I answer"
(C) Yegor Krid and Molly

Not perfect (no support for themselves, for their feelings), but a more pragmatic view on relationships. Mirror, adequate approach.

* You are emotionally cold? So I also take a step back, my emotions towards you are cooling.

* You forgot about my existence? Well, then my thoughts will be other men, it's about the relationship with them I think.

Or the acclaimed song Olga Buzova "Little half", over which no mock just lazy.

against the background of many meaningless (semantic content) of the compositions, the idea of this song is beautiful.

it's just an anthem of liberation from emotional dependency:

Easier, simpler. Does not seem
So endless without you.

- the easing painful depending on the object of attachment.

Night, you want? I don't care
now What you want without me.

- no need to hold the object dependencies at any cost, including sex.

In my Universe, you were a gentleman
And no one around, only you.

- a reference to the past, in which the dependency object that is called "light a wedge has converged".

But you're not irreplaceable;
I open the world of other men!

- awareness of what their emotional needs can be met with other partners.

half Little, little, little half!
half Little, little, little half!
half Little, little, little half -
I open the world of other men!

- the world's "small half" = not all in pairs, free, have, from whom to choose.

Often, sweeter, better than it was,

- the understanding that without dependence better emotionally.

Making the findings, I remain present.

- understanding of value of what is essential to being true to myself, to be myself.

I'm more strong and happy
One not afraid to be!

- understanding that the happiness of man gives himself and what he can give to himself, being by himself, outside the relationship.

And this whole world is out to me;
reaching for me, tyane-reaching for me (stretches)

- positive attitude "the universe is friendly."

the World of other men, I'm alone -
I'm alone, I'm alone!

- permission "to enter the world of other men", to be in intimate space with other men.

Closer I see this world,
And smiling to himself.
't hurt themselves and more
will Not allow this to anyone.

- the intention to defend himself, to take responsibility for their own safety.


...In my opinion, the man is not only what he eats, how aptly it was noticed once, but that he "absorbs" in terms of information - in particular, through music. She leads the man into a slight semblance of a trance state - and then her words, the lyrics, "settle" the person's head, exerting influence on his thinking, and his beliefs, and - ultimately - his behavior.

it is Therefore important to carefully fill not only your plate is food, but also player - new songs. br>
Especially while in the stage of remission, recovery from co-dependent relationships.

Be careful to what you listen to.

Kozyrkov Maria
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