That haunt me, some issues of contemporary spirituality...Many years ago , when I was a University student, I fell in love with the Reformation and Protestantism.
Remember, right? The reformation is a broad anti-Catholic movement that swept Europe in the 16th century. the European society on the eve of the reformation, was caught in the grip of obscurantism, the Inquisition and scholasticism. The apocalyptic mood was in the air and crushed a mess. Take a look at a painting by Bosch...
So, without going into the subtleties of the emergence of this religious movement, its prerequisites and the first predeformation foci, I would say that Protestantism has never been a single Church institution, but historically appeared as a mosaic picture.
Our Russian mentality is such that the image of the enemy, unfortunately, is rigidly and firmly follows from century to century, not obeying the laws of psychology and ethics. A historical excursion into the past gives reason to argue that in different periods of the enemy were believers, the Germans in the late 17th century (only one Wedding in Astrakhan, the rebellion rocked the whole of Russia, among the peasants when rumors spread that the new Tsar Peter the great all Russian girls to marry foreigners...) and many others.
In today's tolerant policy is very strange to see aggressive attacks against the small Protestant organizations that emerged in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries.
I Want to touch upon the subject of Mormonism (the rest, I think, will also be published content).
I had a great talk many years with the Adventists and Mormons. And as for the latter, we regularly hear angry cues in the organization. Here, they are "enemies", "spies", "the polygamists" and, Yes, most importantly, of course, they collect "dead souls" in the archival metrics to perform the rite of baptism on your deceased ancestor...
about enemies. OK, the Mormons (the Church of Christ of latter day Saints) - organization specific, at first glance. But really, there is nothing that might conflict with the common socio-religious consciousness. It originated in the USA in a difficult period for them. After the War, 13 British colonies for independence begins the formation of the United States as a state.
And here it is noteworthy that the state needs a new ideology, a new and unique story. and So was born the legend that a hard worker, Joseph Smith (the prophet) found a mysterious tablet with the message of God...In order not to bore you with the retelling of this very funny stories, they will focus on the fact that according to the tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS Jesus Christ Himself preached in America, and the Americans are the lost tribe of Israel.
That is a young state needed its own "trick" to gain the ideological core, which will the development of the state and its future diplomatic relations. Such is the promising americanocentrism.
More about polygamy. This fact really took place in the Mormon movement. And also this is a historical and psychological explanation. War, constant conflict with the natives-Indians, as well as a number of serious socio-psychological problems (alcoholism in particular) created a shortage of male population. In the covenants of the new Church, polygamy was seen as a return to the ancient polygamous relationship, which is also mentioned in the Bible.

the First polygamist mentioned in the Bible was Lamech, who had two wives — Ada and Zilla (Genesis. 4:19). Abraham was married to Sarah, Hagar (Gen. 16:3), Hattori (Genesis. 25:1), and also had concubines (Gen. 25:6). Jacob had four wives: the sisters Leah and Rachel (Genesis. 29:16-30) and their maidservants: Bilhah and Zilpah (Gen. 30:3,4,9,10). Brother of Jacob, Esau had three wives: old, he married Judith and Basemath Mahalath (Genesis. 26:34, Genesis. 28:9).

Moses had two wives of different nationalities: the Midianitish woman Zipporah (ex. 2:21,18:2-5) and the Ethiopian (Num. 12:1). Gideon had many wives and one concubine (Num. 8:30,31). Elkanah, the father of the prophet Samuel, had two wives: Hannah and peninnah, the(eng.) (1 Sam. 1:1,2).

the Exact list of the wives of king David comprises at least 5 women named: Michal (1 Sam. 18:27, 19:11-17, 25:44, 2 Sam. 3:13-16), Abigail the Carmelite (1 Sam. 25:39, 1pairs. 3:1), Ahinoam (eng.) from Jezreel (1 Sam. 25:43, 1pairs. 3:1), Aegle (2 Sam. 3:5) and Bathsheba (2 Sam. 12:24). More about the three women who belonged to the harem of king David, is mentioned without guidance as to whom they were wives or concubines. This Maachah (eng.), the daughter of Talmai king of Geshur (2 Sam. 3:3, 1pairs. 3:2), Avitala (eng.) (2 Sam. 3:4, 1pairs. 3:3) and Aggira (eng.) (2 Sam. 3:4, 1pairs. 3:2). And besides, David had 10 wives or concubines, referred to in the following passages: 2 Sam. 5:13, 12:7,8, 15:16, 16:21,22, 1pairs. 14:3. The result is that in the harem of David had 18 women, some of whom were his wives, and some concubines[2].

the Son of David, king Solomon, had 700 wives and 300 concubines (3Цар. 11:3). Elkanah, father of Samuel the prophet had two wives (1 Sam. 1:1). King of Judah, Joash had two wives (2 Chronicles. 24:1-3).

Ah! Yes, I almost forgot. about the mysterious baptism...and work with the metrics of the activists of the Church, ASPD. With our narrow-minded point of view, obviously do not understand the enthusiasm.aboutrum are Mormons and their families in modern society. it is possible, for example, ask yourself "But am I ready to be a volunteer for something completely intangible?". Well, let's say for the sake of human happiness?
And here is the future - the Mormons are creating a universal, one-world archive, and completely without purpose, and "cross" all the dead relatives...No. To ensure that every person, regardless of his religion or nationality, can know their ancestry...
But for reference:

Genealogical society of Utah United States is independent of the corporate officially recognized organization. Since 1976, it is a permanent member of the International Council of archives (ICA). comprising archival service 116 countries, including Russia. In the library of the Genealogical society of Utah are stored over 300 thousand publications around the world and 2 million 300 thousand clips (1 video - 1000 frames) microfilm copies of genealogical documents from 105 countries, including USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

Any use of materials is allowed only with a hyperlink on REGNUM.

about Any intention of the Mormons to baptize someone against their will out of the question. Mormons have a unique database of archives, which even burned or was destroyed...
Yes, a lot of strange and incomprehensible judgments, many details that an atheist or person, far from religious practices, seem not quite ordinary...But it's just the specifics of the religious group. Similarly, we can say that hand other faiths have rituals inappropriate or even outrageous...
And so I won't be so categorical in relation to such complex and sensitive historical and psychological, religious, cultural problems, and would only allow another the right to have their point of view. The most important thing that it is creative and preaches chastity and temperance, diligence, and charity...(And again note. Do not confuse, please, the Mormon religious movement - Amish, which arose within Mennonite and leading a very isolated life).
Mormons play a huge role in the economy and the political and legal sphere of the United States. For them absolute authority, along with Sacred texts, is the Constitution. A very large part of successful businessmen, politicians, as well as the American intellectual elite belongs to the Mormons.
Few people know about the Mormon charitable organizations, what an amazing and tragic life stories ready to tell people the representatives of the Church, easy going on contact and exhibiting wisdom and respect for every religion and culture...

Hope Arkhangelsk
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