Oh, these flaws!


How to get rid of flaws?
What are the disadvantages better to hide from others?
the Main disadvantages of women/men!

Many such requests, and no less colorful responses occupy the minds of millions of people.

Developed entire courses, training, programs for "correction". People frantically seek to "remove" unnecessary, ruthlessly cracking down with all that can be attributed to the defect.

I am curious, what does this wonderful word "lack".

"the LACK of a separate discrepancy of the goods (work, service) to mandatory requirements of standards, conditions of contracts or typically the requirements as well as information on the goods (work, service) is provided by the manufacturer (performer, seller)."

Hmm... how is it then working with people?!

Where to find these "mandatory standards" of man? Is there a separate for men and women? How did you come up with these standards? Maybe there is some Committee at the hospital that checks babies and flag them as a mark of quality?!

Who prescribes "conditions of contract" of my life? With whom I signed it? What rights, duties and sanctions for failure? And what do I get for it? A place in Paradise, pure karma, a new best next life?

But the most interesting is "the information about the product provided by the manufacturer". My parents have included in my description? What I product (composition, properties, functionality, shelf life)?! Why should I meet their requirements?! Someone needs to buy me?!

Then I thought that really, if I object or feature that someone should buy, I have to meet the expectations of the buyer.
I need to understand what may be flaws which I refuse, as from defective items.
God Forbid, even come back to the store, and in the worst case throw it away!
I can not allow this to happen!
How am I supposed to be?!

of Course, I imagine for a moment that I separate, standalone subject and not the object that contains in itself the whole universe different needs, feelings, emotions, reactions, thoughts, desires, aspirations and manifestations.

I'm a lot more than one or set some properties.
That could certainly allow that I may not be faults. After all, no one defines my essence and what me to be but me!

how can I interact with the world around him, to touch him, to influence him, and he answered me. And vice versa. The result of our contact may cause very different feelings. Some of them are difficult to endure and for many accustomed to avoid the "uncomfortable" feelings. One way is by sticking labels of "disadvantage". Here and easier life has become, nothing brings me discomfort. br>
the Realization that I am OK, very likely, would distract me from hell race improvement.
I could:
- to be loyal to myself, without the pejorative criticism and judgment;
to know that I'm valuable by itself and with me everything is OK;
- to get satisfaction from life through the realization of their true needs;
notice their strengths and areas for development;
- to make elections without fear of rejection;
- to show himself and his feelings without anxiety to be missed;
to meet real people, not with images and illusions;
- to respect others and to notice our differences;
- to create a close relationship...

I am to be alive and to live your life!

And a lot of uncertainty, responsibility, and freedom.

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